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India Wins the 2016 Asia Cup!

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2016 Asia Cup Logo 
Photo Credit: Asian Cricket Council

On March 6, 2016, the world turned their attention towards the 2016 Asia Cup as the finals were played between the host nation Bangladesh and India. Millions, if not billions, of people around the world have tuned on to see the greatest clash in cricket battled out between two competitive rivals. Recently, The Bangladeshi National […]

Dunkin Donuts Dramatic Cup Switcheroo!

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The new Dunkin Donuts cup that is now made out of polypropylene.

Ever since, June 2015 Dunkin Donuts has been switching their cups from Styrofoam to paper to now, new foam cups. The change was sprung up by a ban on Styrofoam cups made by Mayor De Blasio on June 2015. Ever since the ban, Dunkin Donuts has been experimenting to make the best cup since the […]

Shake Shack Makes Its Way to Queens

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The Shake Shack chain at Queens Center Mall  located on the first level with entrances from 59th avenue and inside the mall itself.

Shake Shack is a fast food chain restaurant which has grown popular to many in New York City. Notorious for their burgers, they also sell french fries, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, and more! Not only do they sells beef burgers and hot dogs but they also have chicken burgers and chicken hot dogs as […]

TAEHS GlamourGals Chapter Wins Instagram Contest!

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Rasheeda Ramsingh reading a holiday card with a woman in a senior home. 
Photo Credit: Fawzia Rahman

Every month the GlamourGals Foundation hosts a contest on their Instagram page, @_glamourgals. This past January, our GlamourGals club at Thomas Edison had their fame: they won! GlamourGals as a non-profit organization with a mission to construct teen volunteer groups to women in senior homes. These volunteers offer beauty makeovers such as manicures, and companionship […]

Robotics Visit

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The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria visited Thomas A. Edison CTE High School to receive exposure to the Career and Technical Education offered. They learned and explored robotics engineering. Current robotics students showed their extensive projects and gave them an insight look into what goes behind the creation of robots. The students showed the […]

Pretty Little Liars: Not So Little Anymore?

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The promo for the new season of Pretty Little Liars.
Photo Credit: Freeform

The second half of season six of Pretty Little Liars premiered on January 12, 2016 on ABC Family, also known as Freeform. After four long months of anticipating what will happen next in this popular teen drama show, it finally returns with a bit of a twist. Jumping five years into the future has caused […]

The Harsh Reality of Professional Football

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Former NFL QB Brett Favre has admitted that he's experienced memory lapses, an early sign of CTE.
​Photographer: Elvis Kennedy

The average salary of a professional football player is $1.2 million. Given the fact that these NFL players participate in about 16 games per year and make all that money we all wish we could be in their shoes. However besides from the countless hours of training, studying and dieting that make the job of […]

New York Transit Museum

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Exhibits at New York Transit Museum

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to travel back in time to see how the trains looked decades ago? No need for a time machine when you can visit New York Transit Museum.  The New York Transit Museum, located  130 Livingston Street, Brooklyn NY, is one of the largest museums devoted to urban public transportation history. The […]

Straight Outta Yale

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Model UN 4.0
Photo Credit: Mr.Hansen

Model UN, probably one of the most rigorous classes you can take in Edison. Most students spend their nights up researching topics one after the other to try and put together a position paper that will help them get resolutions passed. The time and effort these students put into this class can sometimes be overwhelming. […]

Snowzilla 2k16

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Edison covered in snow after the storm.

Just when we were enjoying the nice weather in December, Mother Nature decided the hit and gave us a snowstorm. It impacted 85 million people along the east coast and resulted in 30 deaths. This blizzard broke records in New York being the first time a single storm dropped more than two feet of snow. […]