Pretty Little Liars: Not So Little Anymore?

The second half of season six of Pretty Little Liars premiered on January 12, 2016 on ABC Family, also known as Freeform. After four long months of anticipating what will happen next in this popular teen drama show, it finally returns with a bit of a twist. Jumping five years into the future has caused many changes in the town of Rosewood. From new relationships, new career paths and completely different lives, you would think the town of Ravenswood would be different.

The main characters, Alison, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna have all changed in many different ways. Alison DiLaurentis shockingly became a teacher at her old High School and is still close with Charlotte who is known as “A” from previous seasons. Charlotte is the biggest reason why the girls reunited. As a result of the girls testifying for Charlottes release on the behalf of Alison, she was released just in time for a new mystery to begin. A new murder has emerged which has brought the girls back to exactly where they started six seasons ago.

The promo for the new season of Pretty Little Liars. Photo Credit: Freeform

The promo for the new season of Pretty Little Liars.
Photo Credit: Freeform

Aria Montgomery was known for having a secret relationship with her high school English teacher, Ezra Fitz, and a love for writing. As of now, she has become an author in Boston and is part of a publishing agency. Although Aria and Ezra have been one of the most loved couples in former seasons, they have gone their own ways and found new love. Aria has a new secret relationship with her coworker at the publishing agency named Liam.

Hanna Marin returns to Rosewood with a job in the fashion industry and her new fiancé Jordan while leaving her first love, Caleb, behind in the dust. The couple known as Haleb was known to be the favorite amongst the fans and many are hoping they get back together. But will they get back together or will one of her girls replace her? Many are suspicious of Spencer Hastings, believing that she’ll be the next to hook up with Caleb. The two have been very close and may become more than friends. Spencer has become a lobbyist on Capitol Hill and is no longer with her high school sweet heart Toby.

Emily Fields probably has had it the hardest during the time gap. Her father died during combat which caused her not to complete college, but no one is aware of that and she plans to keep it that way. In this season, Emily has been keeping secrets from everyone which has caused her to lie to the people she loves.

Overall the premiere of this season has caused fans to consume a lot of new information in order to understand future episodes. But on the other hand, this new murder mystery reminds the fans of what it was like in the first episodes of season one. After watching the premiere of the episode, I experienced some deja vu as well as saying “oh no not again”.

Sarika Persaud said, “Personally, it was quite interesting to catch a glimpse at everyone’s new appearance rather than their current dilemma or situation. I feel like the given order of information was shared a little too comfortable without more sufficient details. Overall, I believe the big changes in store were a bit too forced, especially regarding the couples’ breaking up.”