Senior Gear Fails to Impress: Lackluster Design and Forgetable Memorabilia          

Discontent has been brewing among the seniors, as this year’s senior gear fails to meet expectations. Despite the hefty price tag of $300 for senior dues, the excitement for the “early bird special” quickly turned into disappointment as students received a seemingly lackluster design. 

Many seniors have been expressing dismay over the perceived poor execution of the design, lamenting the absence of creativity and originality that would have captured the essence of the senior experience. 

“The design is just so simple and boring. Not because it’s ugly or anything like that. More because I don’t think it represents Edison enough. Like it’s too simple and it’s way too little on the hoodie, I think the seniors should have got more say over the design” said Rezeea Alam.

She is not the only individual who shares the same remarks about the “boring” design.

“Yeah, I think the design is boring. Mrs. Lovera posted creating the design as an extra credit so the graphic design class did not try that hard on it. Especially since we were busy with our calendar project,” said Sadio Nomoko. A graphic design student who shared her experience in the class that created the design. Ms. Nomoko is a part of the graphic design team and she acknowledged the fact that students may have not taken the assignment of creating the logo for the senior gear “early bird special” very seriously. 

Additionally, the inclusion of a water bottle emblazoned only with the word “Senior” was even more preposterous to some.

“The hoodie is fine. I don’t mind it. I like the material because it’s comfortable. It’s actually the water bottle that I don’t like. It’s so not Edison. It literally just says “Senior” nothing else. No 2024. No Edison. Just Senior. Like a little light bulb would have been enough. I wish we had more of a choice,” said Samirah Mohammed. The quality of the water bottle is up to the bar but the simplicity of the design is not very well liked.

“I actually like the hoodie. It’s cute and simple. It fits really well and the material is very nice. But the water bottle is a different story. It’s all blue and if you stand like a foot away you can’t even see the “Senior” written on it. I gave it away to one of the freshmen a couple of days ago,” said Biva Zaman. Some people like the hoodie. The material and quality of the hoodie are well-liked and for some, the design is well-liked too. 

One fact synonymous among seniors is that the seniors wished they had more say in the design.

“Well student council looked at all seven copies that were submitted by Mrs. Lovera’s class and we sent out the three designs selected by them to Google Classroom for feedback. Students were replying to the post and presenting feedback.” said Mr. Boxer. Mr. Boxer confirmed the statements of Ms. Nomoko and added on how involved the student council was in deciding the final designs.,

“A lot of students do not check Google Classroom. A lot of parents even say that their child does not look at Google Classroom. You guys should be checking it three times a week. Seniors have a lot of forms to fill out. I always have students coming in asking me when information is and I always say… Google Classroom,” said Mr. Boxer. Students believe that they did not get a say in the design of the hoodie. While, Mr. Boxer is stating the complete opposite. 

“If you want to have a say, join the student council. We are trying to get more and more kids to join the student council. The kids from PGC are always giving us feedback. You guys need to get involved and join an organization. If you want your opinion to be heard, say something,” continued Mr. Boxer, students must get involved to have a say. Being more involved is the first step in having a say.

Seniors want more choice over the senior gear and more choice as to what they want. But according to the administration, the student body is not reciprocating the effort necessary for their voices to be heard. Seniors need to be more involved. Simultaneously, the administration needs to make more of an effort to reach out. The all the students interviewed did not know of the vote presenting 

Tanisha Basra

Hello my lovelies, my name is Tanisha Basra. I am a senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. I am a foodie, a video game fanatic, and an avid movie watcher. I am one of the fantastic members of the Opinion section in the Edison Light. As a person with strong, passionate, and concise opinions this section will bring out my analytical and possibly creative mindset. My hobbies range anywhere from total laziness to total productivity. Thus, my knowledge is as broad and as wide as my opinions on what I know. I hope you all enjoy the diversity and the reflection of mindsets I hope to bring to the Edison Light.