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What Does It Mean to be an Edison Senior?

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A collaborative photo essay from the senior Journalism students, describing what it means to be an Edison senior. [slideshow_deploy id=’1230′]

The Influence of Technology in Election 2016

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Candidates take different approaches to communicate with voters.
Photo Credit: Twitter

Technology has had a strong impact on the election process in 2016. Candidates are vulnerable to attacks through social media as posts cause train reactions. Candidates attract support from voter through clever techniques to reach out to the public. Online polls allow candidates to learn about what people are interested in and how to appeal […]

Who Needs Cable TV?

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Netflix Streaming Page

Lately TV streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have become really    popular. Now in this time period, technology is becoming more and more popular, everything you need is right in your hands. Cable is becoming less popular because it can only be set in one place in your house and isn’t portable like […]

Ready For College?

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Caps for Graduation

As senior year is coming to an end, seniors are getting ready to move on into something different. They are going to have different experiences moving on from high school to college. Many students may feel differently about the transition and it might be a good thing to show them that they aren’t the only […]

Age is but a Number

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Jani had to ability to delete comments made by celebrities or regular users.

A 10 year old hacker from Finland was able to detect a massive defect in Instagram’s photo sharing service.  Facebook awarded the hacker kid of $10,000. Residing in Helsinki, the kid named Jani, stated that the defect that he found could allow him to delete any comment and/or caption before sharing a picture. Jani tested […]

Smorgasburg is back!

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The original "Gai Dan Jai" egg waffles with ice cream topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry Pocky.

Smorgasburg is a collection of open markets on Saturdays at East River State Park in Williamsburg and on Sundays in Prospect Park at Breeze Hill where anyone can come and enjoy food from the various vendors outdoors. Some of their vendors include #Baonanas which specializes in banana pudding served by the scoop, Big Mozz: Pizza […]

Sweet or Nasty, Which Will You Get?

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The container of the bean boozled challenge.

Gustav Goelitz founded Jelly Belly in 1869 in Illinois, USA. It is a well-known candy provider around the world and the founder of the fascinating flavors in Harry Potter. The company kept growing and enlarging. After expanding, Bean Boozled was created by the company called “Jelly Belly.” This game is easily accessible. It can be […]

Frizz Under Control!

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Renewing argan oil of morocco is a shampoo to help de-frizz.

Today’s beauty war, we’re tackling one of summer’s biggest hair disaster, frizz! No one wants to have super frizzy hair. It’s something that some of us are more prone to than others.  Usually hair starts to frizz when it is dry, regardless of how much humidity is out there. There are a few things that […]

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

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A piece of graffiti located in The High Line. 
Photo Credit: Jade Matthews

Graffiti is known to many as a form of vandalism and a criminal offense. Fines for defacing property can start at $250 and can result in the individual being jailed. However graffiti is rarely referred to as a form of art. When people think of graffiti, they automatically think of something tagged on a building […]

Who struck Gold and who struck out?

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The NFL draft took place in Chicago for the second straight year in a row.
Photographer: Omair khan

It’s that time of year again, when NFL teams welcome loads of young talent from across the nation through the NFL Draft. Some of the nation’s top prospects had their dreams finally come true as they were drafted by their respective teams from April 28th-30th. Many of these young athletes will make the transition from […]