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NYC Landmarks: A Hunt To Satisfy The Sweet Tooth

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A variety of different desserts that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

There comes a time in every school year when students need to relax and reward themselves for their hard work. With that being said, there’s no better way to unwind than with an eating utensil and a flaky, crispy, creamy, chocolatey, hot, fluffy, rich, or light dessert. NYC is a tourist magnet for a myriad […]

Receiving College Acceptance Letters

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Acceptance letters from Pace University and St. John’s University.

Some seniors are starting to receive their college acceptance letters. Many are full of excitement, while others use this as an excuse to stop working hard in school. Students know this as “senioritis.” The term many seniors use when they want to describe what’s stopping them from doing work in school. This comes into play […]

Barriers That Prevent Us From Being Held Back

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Stanchions in place blocking students from leaving before the end of their scheduled school day

  Attendance in Edison classrooms have been higher lately as the administration has implemented a new tactic to keep students inside the building during the latter part of the school day The stanchions were put in place since the end of the last school year to combat cutting throughout the day. They are posted at […]

You Auto Know! Edison Won Again

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McCoon and Suriel staying after school to prepare for their next competition

For two and a half years, automotive students have tirelessly studied and dedicated hours of their time to perfecting their skills so that they’d be prepared to compete; so far, it has definitely been paying off.  On January 11th, Lincoln Tech’s Toyota Training Center hosted its annual GNYADA (Greater New York Dealer Automotive Dealership Association) […]

Swing Into Spring With Flashiness

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This is an aspiring model named Manisha Paragass who is modeling the lace-up outfits for this Spring.
Photo Credits: Manisha Paragass

Spring is the season of renewable growth and the signs of change are all around us. That includes your wardrobe. The fashion progression of choker necklaces increases the popularity from past Spring. A simple black choker is easy to wear and gives all your Spring clothes a grunge-princess feel without looking over the top. Lace […]

Green is the new Black!

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The Douglaston Estate Windmill, built in 1870 at the Alley Pond Environmental Center

Top Five Ways We Are Destroying The Planet Earth, fire, water, air;  we as human beings have been fighting the forces for decades.. It seems that everything is just out of balance; the planet is way too hot, waves are reaching new heights, in some parts of the world masks are needed to prevent polluted […]

Fear, Frustration, and Uncertainness Found in Finals

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Teenage student demonstrates the mixed emotions brought by finals and the way finals week is spent

Students walk down the halls of Edison with papers rustling in their hands with worry in their eyes, finals week is fast approaching. Finals week occurs twice a year as an end to a semester in order for teachers to finalize their grades and to observe if students fully learned all topics taught in that […]

How to Get Warrior Skin to Battle the Winter

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(left) GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment. “The charcoal in this mask lifts away dirt and the mud formula supports skin’s natural oil balance and controls it” This super mask retails for 70$ at Sephora and online.
(right) A perfect dupe for this product at a much fair price, the Sephora Collection Mud Mask Purifying and Matifying Mask which retails for 20$ online and in store.

How much do you trust your current skincare routine in the cold? As we get through the Winter season, our skin faces more backlash. Winter weather strips your skin of moisture and of its natural, moisturizing oils.  You probably already know how the harsh, cold, and dry winter weather does to on your own skin. […]

That’s Some Bangin’ Dish

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Bangkok Cuisine’s Lunch special gives you a choice of dumplings or spring rolls.

It’s a cold winter day and you decide to meet up with your friends to eat at a Thai restaurant. Take a trip to Thailand. Well, take a trip to Forest Hills. Bangkok Cuisine is located between Queens Boulevard and Austin Street and while parking may be hard to find, if you’re coming from Edison, […]

Rise to the Top

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Senator Bernie Sanders showing his support for Governor Cuomo's new initiative

On Tuesday, January 3rd, Governor Andrew Cuomo gained some major appeal with many New York teenagers after unveiling his plan to make all CUNY and SUNY colleges tuition-free for middle and low-income families in the near future. Standing in front of a packed auditorium at LaGuardia Community College, Governor Cuomo brought both adults and teenagers […]