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Capturing New York at Once

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View from 100th Floor of WTC.

Can you imagine having the ability to see the entire city at one time? Well, your imagination will be reality if you plan to visit the One World Trade Center’s Observatory. It offers panoramic views of New York from 1,250 feet in the air.This building, one of the tallest in the Western Hemisphere, was completed […]

Organic Protein VS Non-Organic Protein

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Organic Jarrow Protein

Do you work out in a gym or in your home on a regular basis? Have you ever looked into using protein powders and shakes? For the past few years, there have been many protein brands that have been sold to motivated athletes and bodybuilders. Most of the top protein powder brands such as Gold […]

Can you MLB-elieve It?

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Person holding a baseball bat in the proper batting stance

Barry Bonds is joining the staff of new Marlins manager Don Mattingly as hitting coach. The hitting coach is the busiest person on a baseball team. If you see him in the pregame hours, he is almost always scurrying somewhere. Whether it be bouncing over to the video room to study swings on a laptop, […]

Dispose Old Electronics to make Quick Money for the Holidays

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Dispose of your old electronics and make a quick buck!

Remember the old DVDs in your drawer, the old computer in your closet, or the old phones and phone chargers you abandoned since you upgraded to a smartphone? Whether it may be a flip phone or tablet, recycling old electronics may cost extra to dispose of properly. Every year, thousands of electronics end up in […]

One Word, One World

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Typical Filipino family dinner

What does the word “holidays” mean to you? To most people the word means shopping for multiple presents, drunken family members, and a jolly fat man with a beard coming down the chimney. However, no matter where you come from, rather your Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or Brown, the word holidays means one thing to […]

How Multi-Cultural?

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Samantha Sanchez in a Japanese Kimono

It is a tradition at Thomas A Edison High School to annually host the week-long Spirit Week. During this week, students dress each day in a designated theme such as decade day, dress for success day, jersey day, twin day, and last but not least, multi-cultural day. Since Edison consists of a significantly diverse population […]

What We Felt at the Museum of Feelings

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Nazara Ibrat, at the Museum of Feelings.

The Museum of Feelings is now nothing but a memory, but what we felt was real. Even though the museum was nothing more than sales pitch by Glade in order to get you to buy their candles, we can’t escape the fact that we were sucked in and seduced by its mysteriousness and by the […]

Accessible Holiday Shopping Near Your Area?

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The holiday market includes a variety of different clothes suitable for the winter season.

Thanksgiving has passed, winter has come and now the holidays are rapidly approaching. This is why more and more people are looking for things to buy for their family members, friends and significant others. Going to crowded malls and searching hours and hours for items are not necessary anymore. This is because a new holiday […]

Was the battle for New York the biggest game of the year for both the Jets and Giants?

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Metlife stadium, the home of the Giants and Jets.

On December sixth The New York Giants lost to the New York Jets for the first time in 22 years (5 matches ago).  It was the Giants fifth loss of the season while holding a lead with two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Tough loss, but the question that many fans are asking is […]

No TEXT Zone!

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Brandon Surujbali demonstrates distracted driving.
Photo Credit:
Vernon Surujbali

The technology age has yielded teenagers who are addicted to their cell phones. However they have to forgo the use of their electronic device when they are behind the wheel. With many students getting their permits and licenses, as well as starting to drive, the texting and driving laws may be a big problem for […]