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Umi Sushi, Never a Displeasure

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Tokoyo Roll and Spicy Tuna 
Photo Credits: Kelliana Seeraj ​

If you’re ever craving sushi or looking to try sushi for the first time, take a trip to Umi Sushi, located at 177-13 Union Tpke, is very close to Thomas Edison High School. With it’s small yet calm vibes that flow throughout this eatery, they offer numerous sushi rolls for a great price and service. […]

Great Reasons to Hydrated

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As the warm weather is approaching, there are many events that we need to look good for,such as prom, graduation, summer vacation, you name it. It’s time to adapt a new and healthy lifestyle, and one way we can start is by staying hydrated. Teenagers need to be educated on the benefits of drinking water […]

Food From Mud or Blood?

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When the topic vegetarianism or veganism is brought up in a conversation it is safe to say many heads turn and opposition is frequently strong and plentiful. This is a result of the fact that many individuals can’t stand the thought of life without including any animal products in their diet, such as meat, fish, […]

The Story of Shaquem Griffin

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With the upcoming NFL season fast approaching, fans can’t help but contain their excitement. The cause of this excitement is the NFL draft. This is many fans favorite time of the year, as it gives hope to fans of “terrible teams” that better days are coming. This year, there has been a tremendously inspirational story […]


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It’s that time of year when everything comes to an end; bulletin boards are taken down, final grades are submitted and it’s finally time for the seniors to graduate! That joyous time of the year where you’re bittersweet about leaving and excited about leaving the place that gave you so many memories. With all that […]

HOSA Shatters Edison Record at Spring Leadership Conference

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The HOSA: Future Health Professionals Chapter at Thomas Edison C.T.E.
Photo Credit:  Margaret Savitzky

From April 17th to April 19th, 2018, the Thomas Edison C.T.E. High School’s HOSA: Future Health Professionals Club traveled to Syracuse to attend the New York State Spring Leadership Conference. This conference was a competition during, which competitors are asked to complete various health and leadership tasks for medals and other awards. The Thomas Edison […]

NVIDIA Trying to Sell Slower Cards for the Same Prices?

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MSI's DDR4-equipped GT 1030, dubbed the "1030 2GD4." 
Photo Credit: MSI

Being referred to as a “quiet roll out,” NVIDIA has confusing many and began releasing versions of their low-end GeForce GT 1030 that are slower and lower TDP when compared to their original counterparts. While all well and good that they output less power due to their lower TDPs, the fact that the consumer inevitably […]

The Rise of Korean Music in America

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Caption: BTS, a K-Pop group with a multitude of US fans, performed for the first time in the American Music Awards in 2017.

Photo Credit: Ajeong JM, via Wikimedia Commons

Korean pop culture has quickly risen to popularity not only in America, but worldwide. Not too long ago, it was an interest that not many could not relate to. In fact, those who liked the genre were often pegged as “koreaboos,” a term used for someone who wants to drop their own culture to be […]

The Constant Occurrence of Phubbing

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Have you ever been with a group of friends and everyone is glued to their phones? Ever been telling a story and then noticed that no one was listening because they were busy with their phone? That is known as phubbing. Phubbing is the habit of snubbing someone in favor of a mobile phone. After […]

A Quiet Place

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a quiet place

A Quiet Place is a science fiction horror film that stars Millicent Simmonds. This is the first movie in recent years that starred a actor who is deaf. This sheds light on to a part of the entertainment industry and the deaf community that is generally not seen. Angelica Beharry who is also disabled said, […]