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Presidential Election Leaves Honduras in Chaos

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Burning tires is one of the many forms of protests that Hondurans have utilized to express their opinions.
Photo Credit: Alejandro Reyes

What started as protests against the Honduran government not releasing the presidential election results, held 2 weeks ago, have turned into acts of violence endangering the lives of many Honduran citizens. Streets have been trashed, bridges and toll booths burned, and stores broken into and robbed. Soldiers attempted to stop crowds with tear gas and […]

Palestinians Protest for Jerusalem

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Palestinians burn President Trump's pictures in rage for his speech about Jerusalem said yesterday. 
Source: Photo Credit: Josef Federman

        Hundreds of Palestinians protested against Trump administration on December 8, 2017 in Times Square. This protest was provoked by Donald Trump’s words on December 6. Trump’s announcement of misinformation as fact triggered many people. Jerusalem is actually the capital of Palestine and stating otherwise is adding fuel to an already serious conflict in the […]

A Reward For Kindness

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Family carries remaining belongings after escaping fire. 
Photo Credit: ABC 7 News

When tragedy occurs, people often turn to each other for help and guidance. Southern California fires have burned about 96,000 acres of land and are expected to worsen as winds pick up. Due to the number of people losing their homes and personal belongings, charities are wondering whether or not they’ll be able to get […]

Swing Into Spring With Flashiness

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This is an aspiring model named Manisha Paragass who is modeling the lace-up outfits for this Spring.
Photo Credits: Manisha Paragass

Spring is the season of renewable growth and the signs of change are all around us. That includes your wardrobe. The fashion progression of choker necklaces increases the popularity from past Spring. A simple black choker is easy to wear and gives all your Spring clothes a grunge-princess feel without looking over the top. Lace […]

Green is the new Black!

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The Douglaston Estate Windmill, built in 1870 at the Alley Pond Environmental Center

Top Five Ways We Are Destroying The Planet Earth, fire, water, air;  we as human beings have been fighting the forces for decades.. It seems that everything is just out of balance; the planet is way too hot, waves are reaching new heights, in some parts of the world masks are needed to prevent polluted […]

How to Get Warrior Skin to Battle the Winter

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(left) GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment. “The charcoal in this mask lifts away dirt and the mud formula supports skin’s natural oil balance and controls it” This super mask retails for 70$ at Sephora and online.
(right) A perfect dupe for this product at a much fair price, the Sephora Collection Mud Mask Purifying and Matifying Mask which retails for 20$ online and in store.

How much do you trust your current skincare routine in the cold? As we get through the Winter season, our skin faces more backlash. Winter weather strips your skin of moisture and of its natural, moisturizing oils.  You probably already know how the harsh, cold, and dry winter weather does to on your own skin. […]

Hands Up, Guns Down

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Promotional Poster Uploaded from 50 Cent on Instagram showcasing both Soulja Boy (left) and Chris Brown (Right)

The viral feud that started with one Instagram “like”, that captured our hearts and minds, a battle between two megastars: Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. A showdown for the ages. Soulja Boy is no stranger to starting feuds, but now he has taken a regular “beef” into a full-fledged boxing match. The fight ignited after […]

Who Needs Cable TV?

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Netflix Streaming Page

Lately TV streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have become really    popular. Now in this time period, technology is becoming more and more popular, everything you need is right in your hands. Cable is becoming less popular because it can only be set in one place in your house and isn’t portable like […]

Ready For College?

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Caps for Graduation

As senior year is coming to an end, seniors are getting ready to move on into something different. They are going to have different experiences moving on from high school to college. Many students may feel differently about the transition and it might be a good thing to show them that they aren’t the only […]

Sweet or Nasty, Which Will You Get?

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The container of the bean boozled challenge.

Gustav Goelitz founded Jelly Belly in 1869 in Illinois, USA. It is a well-known candy provider around the world and the founder of the fascinating flavors in Harry Potter. The company kept growing and enlarging. After expanding, Bean Boozled was created by the company called “Jelly Belly.” This game is easily accessible. It can be […]