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Why is the Flu Shot Necessary?

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The flu shot changes every year and is recommended for everyone to get.
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“Bed rest, plenty of fluids, chicken soup, and sleep” are the remedies Patricia Musial, one of the principal’s secretaries said that can cure the flu, but with the dominant flu strain, H3N2, that might not work anymore. The 2017-2018 flu season left people devastated by the number of deaths the flu caused. An estimated 80,000 […]

The Shark Comes to Edison

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Daymond John, born in New York and raised in Hollis, known as the People’s Shark on CNBC’s The Shark Tank and the founder of Fubu Inc., visited Thomas A. Edison C.T.E. High School on October 25, 2018. Daymond John toured the school and learned of the many programs at Edison, in partnership with NFTE (Network […]