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Computer Science Careers

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STEM fields have been constantly encouraged, especially computer science which is currently one of the most in demand and highest paying majors. Whether you are a freshman or a graduating senior, high school is where many students begin to start thinking of college majors, but remain unsure of future occupations. Computer science majors offers a […]

AirPods Sales Fly Off the Wire

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A display of the AirPods, showing the holding/charging case and one side of the headphones. 

Photo Credit: Sean Lomba

After the many months of criticism leading up to the release, the Apple AirPods are finally here. Their sales have been going up week after week before and after release. Many individuals pre-ordered them or went to the store to buy them in the first week of release. Sales associates at the Fifth Avenue location […]

Drone Zone

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“The view that you never knew”
Photo Credit: Vincenzo Di Giorgi

With the advancement of our technology, drones have been implemented in our society in the form of toys and for military use. Youtubers from different parts of the country have incorporated drones into their videos by having aerial footage of the landscape or they use the drones to follow them. Drones allow users to take […]

Virtual Reality, The Game Changer

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Zafar Seenauth demonstrating his Virtual Reality Glasses during a SkillsUSA event.

If your five senses can be used to describe what is real or not, then reality is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. Virtual reality is a new art form of technology that plays with your sensory and motor organs to provide a near perfect representation of reality. This new breed of technology can […]

Symbiotic Robotics

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The Vex Robotics team's work on the internal components of their creation.

A future that lies in a topology mapped through code and embedded in the cortex of robots is one that awaits our generation and the ones of the future. Throughout the years, technology has moved from basic desktop, to handheld devices, and now to technology with the ability to move on its own through programming. […]

The Influence of Technology in Election 2016

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Candidates take different approaches to communicate with voters.
Photo Credit: Twitter

Technology has had a strong impact on the election process in 2016. Candidates are vulnerable to attacks through social media as posts cause train reactions. Candidates attract support from voter through clever techniques to reach out to the public. Online polls allow candidates to learn about what people are interested in and how to appeal […]

Age is but a Number

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Jani had to ability to delete comments made by celebrities or regular users.

A 10 year old hacker from Finland was able to detect a massive defect in Instagram’s photo sharing service.  Facebook awarded the hacker kid of $10,000. Residing in Helsinki, the kid named Jani, stated that the defect that he found could allow him to delete any comment and/or caption before sharing a picture. Jani tested […]

Audiobooksync is Back!

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Courtesy of our wonderful Edison Librarians! A new year of audiobooks opened Thursday, May 5, 2016 with an even better list of free, downloadable, MP3 files of favorite books and stories, both old and new. The program runs through August 17th.  While it is aimed at teens, educators and parents are welcome to enjoy the program, […]

Virtual Reality Comes to Life

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Samsung’s Gear VR headset released in November 2015, going for about $400 per headset.  It is known as a cheaper way to use virtual reality – as long as you have the coordinating Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet to go with it.  So Samsung is introducing a cheaper way to do this, to visit their […]

Robotics Visit

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The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria visited Thomas A. Edison CTE High School to receive exposure to the Career and Technical Education offered. They learned and explored robotics engineering. Current robotics students showed their extensive projects and gave them an insight look into what goes behind the creation of robots. The students showed the […]