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A Good Breakfast Over Junk Food

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Most people eat junk food for breakfast, although it is unhealthy and causes harm to their bodies. Some people do not realize the benefits of having a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Running late because you hit snooze one too many times typically leads to having to buy something on the go or skipping the […]

The Spanish – Indi Twist

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One of the most popular dish at Taco Mahal called the Chicken Tikka Roti Taco accompanied with a signature Indian drink, known as Mango Lassi.
Photo Credit: Kelliana Seeraj ​​

As migrants moved to New York City from all over the world, they have left their legacy through signature dishes. In a small, yet hip Manhattan eatery, Taco Mahal,  owners have implemented the most loved Mexican comfort food known as tacos into an Indian Dish. You are given the choice of breads either naan or […]

Home Cooking Underestimated

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Meal that may be deliciously prepared by teenagers
Photo Credit: Bhavna Roopchand

Teenagers are spending more money each week because they don’t want to eat the food that is served at home; they should learn to cook healthy meals on their own. Many of us underestimate the benefits of home cooking and fatten ourselves on take-out daily. If kids aged 15-17 learned to cook healthier and easier […]

Better than Schoolie

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Ringgggg it’s finally your lunch period and you can hardly wait to see what they have in the cafeteria this time! Or can you? If you’re like the many students that would rather skip a meal in school than eat a cardboard tasting chicken patty, then why not make your own lunch?   We have all […]

NYC Landmarks: A Hunt To Satisfy The Sweet Tooth

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A variety of different desserts that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

There comes a time in every school year when students need to relax and reward themselves for their hard work. With that being said, there’s no better way to unwind than with an eating utensil and a flaky, crispy, creamy, chocolatey, hot, fluffy, rich, or light dessert. NYC is a tourist magnet for a myriad […]

That’s Some Bangin’ Dish

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Bangkok Cuisine’s Lunch special gives you a choice of dumplings or spring rolls.

It’s a cold winter day and you decide to meet up with your friends to eat at a Thai restaurant. Take a trip to Thailand. Well, take a trip to Forest Hills. Bangkok Cuisine is located between Queens Boulevard and Austin Street and while parking may be hard to find, if you’re coming from Edison, […]

Thailand Down the Hill

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Bang! Bang! the sounds of pots and pans dance like angels in the air, the smell of paprika and broth rush into your nostrils. Are you in Thailand or a cocoon-like restaurant at the bottom of the hill? Originality doesn’t come easy, especially when you’re a restaurant in New York City. If you have ever […]

Tacos at Tacombi

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As you enter Tacombi, a warm and dimly-lighted room, you’re welcomed by the friendly employees. The atmosphere is chill and relaxed. If you’re looking for a good spot to sit and grab some tacos, Tampico is the place.   For an appetizer I recommend starting with chips and guacamole, which came with corn chips rather […]

Smorgasburg is back!

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The original "Gai Dan Jai" egg waffles with ice cream topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry Pocky.

Smorgasburg is a collection of open markets on Saturdays at East River State Park in Williamsburg and on Sundays in Prospect Park at Breeze Hill where anyone can come and enjoy food from the various vendors outdoors. Some of their vendors include #Baonanas which specializes in banana pudding served by the scoop, Big Mozz: Pizza […]

Is it Worth it? A Review of Baked by Melissa

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Baked by Melissa is at 14 locations, mainly based in Manhattan.

If you’ve ever spent some time in Manhattan, odds are you’ve passed by Baked by Melissa. Placed at smart, busy locations, it is rather easy for you to fit in a visit the next time you take a trip to the city. You may have noticed them before or heard about the shop as it […]