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Oak House Mexican Kitchen

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Burrito Loco with BBQ Jackfruit, $17 (top) 
Cheese Quesadilla with Seitan Tinga, $10 (bottom)

Located at 155 Tulip Ave, Floral Park, NY 11001, Oak House Mexican Kitchen is known for their made to order authentic Mexican cuisine made with  fresh ingredients. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing, comfortable, and the decor was aesthetically pleasing. This location is open from 4pm until 10pm every weekday, from 11am to […]


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Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese in size nosh.

Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese, known as S’mac, is the first-ever restaurant to be devoted exclusively to mac & cheese. S’mac is a small, edgy East Village restaurant with high-traffic, high-volume, and a cult following. At S’mac, you can have a selection on either regular, multi-grain or gluten-free elbow macaroni. Your mac and cheese can be […]

Twenty Years Passing by Seamlessly

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To commemorate Seamless' 20 years of business Edison is giving them a cake drawn in their art style.
Credit: Byron Quinteros

Seamless, one of the first ever companies that capitalized on people desire for delicious food without having to stray too far from the couch, turns twenty years old this December, and to celebrate they’re pulling out all the stops. With Seamless about to reach their twentieth year of business, they’ve certainly passed the test of […]

Living Mas!

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Taco Bell, the long term “go-to” for many vegans and vegetarians, is releasing a special vegetarian-friendly menu! As part of Taco Bell’s new 2019 “Tacos With a Side of Purpose” initiative, a dedicated vegetarian-friendly menu has debuted that will be featuring new items, including new vegan items! As of now, this menu has debuted in […]

That Hits the Spot!

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  Looking to excite with a quick bite? Spot dessert bar is the way to go. The ambiance and exquisite atmosphere brought upon at the bar gives it a warm and pleasant welcoming. From its devouring choices of desserts, there are just enough to try them all. The dessert bar serves over 7 desserts and […]

Can Life Be Too Sweet?

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If you’re a person who claims to have a sweet tooth, it’s time to re-evaluate what that means. Kellogg’s has recently released a limited-edition cereal based on Easter’s most famous treat, Peeps marshmallows. The cereal features three spring-inspired, brightly-colored, marshmallow-flavored cereal crisps and white marshmallow pieces. Interestingly enough, nothing in the cereal is actually shaped like […]

Max Brenner: The Willy Wonka of New York

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Credit: Harjot Kaur

Come make your everyday chocolate experience into something extraordinary at Max Brenner. Max Brenner has a family-friendly environment and leaves you wanting to come back. Entering Max Brenner you would see vats of gurgling chocolate, where shelves are stacked with bars, powders, and toppings as well as the decorated chocolates. Then the pipes along the […]

Holy Guacamole!

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Bottom Right- Cauliflower Brussels AVO Bowl $11, Bottom Left- Rastaman Taco $4, Top Right- Chips and Guacamole with Mango Salsa- $6, Top Left- Ami Shroomer Taco- $4
Credit: Harmeet Minhas

AVO TACO, a contemporary, new restaurant catering to numerous different diets. If you’re ever in the Nassau County region and are looking for a quick bite, AVO TACO is the place to go. With live music, summer-time beachy decor, and a variety of options to choose from, AVO TACO has built in a name for […]

Can You Bear the Wait to Get to Bareburger?

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“Be my Burger” and a side of Rings and Fries 
Photo Credit: Harjot Kaur

  Come down to Bareburger to try a spin on everyday, classic burgers. Bareburger is a hamburger restaurant, that takes a simple, joyful, and organic approach on food. Bareburger is able to create an unique vibrant vibe with its decor. Made with reclaimed and recycled materials its able to create an organic, fun, and happy […]

Starbucks is Pouring on the Festive Charm

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Starbucks' attempt to avoid any "red-cup-drama" this holiday season?

The holiday season is upon us and Starbucks isn’t lagging behind with the release of their seasonal line up that includes both old and new favorites. Starbucks is a coffee juggernaut with great influences in and outside the United States. Chances are if you walk through any shopping district, you might’ve seen at least one […]