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Can You Fix Your Sleep Schedule?

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Many people lose sleep after having breaks off, a made bed represents the lack of sleep.

Over holidays, many students, even teachers, go to bed whenever they want. The breaks allows us to go to bed at early hours of the morning and wake up late in the afternoon. When school time comes around, everyone knows they need to go to bed early because they have to wake up early but […]

Put Your Money to Good Use!

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Asus ZenFone 2 and Moto G side by side.

Everyone seems to want the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but sadly those high end phones are out of reach for some consumers. Does this mean you settle for less? Not at all. Not every phone worth something costs $700 or more. In recent events, more and more low priced phones with high end capabilities […]

Do You Know Your Smartphone

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You know how you aren’t supposed to let your phone charge overnight? Actually, by some misconception we were all led to the conclusion that leaving your phone to charge overnight ruins your battery. In reality, this is false and so are many other myths about smartphones. It is made to seem like leaving your smartphone […]

iPhone and Android Users are Missing Out!

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If only Vanessa had Battery Doctor app to save battery!

With such a wide selection of apps in the ITunes Store and Google Play, smartphone users have a variety to choose from, but which ones are must-haves? There are several unknown apps that can bring you convenience and reliability. Five highly rated apps available on IPhone and Androids are Microsoft Word, Battery Doctor, Uber, Pupil […]

Pass on the Flash

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Adobe is a well known software that is widely used by millions of people. We use Adobe Flash for watching media on the Internet. We also use it to play certain games on the Web.  We also use it for special applications for work. Adobe made a new patch for users where it also contained […]

Diwali Motorcade

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Diwali, which is known as the festival of lights, was celebrated during the annual motorcade, parade and cultural show in Richmond Hill on November 7, 2015. On one of the darkest nights of the year, this annual motorcade ignited the streets with joy and most importantly lights. The motorcade began on 133rd Street and continued […]

The Bigger the Cookie, The Better?

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A bag full of the infamous six pound cookies Levain Bakery has to offer.

       Cookies are a common snack and liked desert by many. They come in so many flavors and also sizes, but one bakery takes those two characteristics to a next level. Levain Bakery is most famous for their cheap priced enlarged cookies. Some popular flavors are their signature chocolate chip walnut, double chocolate […]

Operating System Alternatives

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        With the recent security and data exploits found hidden within Windows 10, one might find themselves wishing for an alternative.  A safe way to browse the web, use normal productivity suites, and even support for gaming – is available completely free to us, but most people have not discovered it yet. […]

Top 5 Tips to Keep You Safe on Facebook

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Facebook is actually letting people know when they think their users’ accounts are at risk now, similar to what Google started doing back in 2012.  It will display a notification at the top of your screen which lets you know whether the state has been snooping around in your messages, and notifies you to change […]

I Spy With Networks

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Thieves taking over your data.

People put sensitive information on the Internet. The Internet is widely used almost everywhere in the world. Many people are connected to it. And with that many people connected to it, you will have those few that may be able to access that sensitiveinformation. The kind of information you don’t really tell anyone, probably not […]