Do You Know Your Smartphone

You know how you aren’t supposed to let your phone charge overnight? Actually, by some misconception we were all led to the conclusion that leaving your phone to charge overnight ruins your battery. In reality, this is false and so are many other myths about smartphones.


Phone left plugged in at 100% charge.

It is made to seem like leaving your smartphone to charge overnight damages your phone’s battery gradually. In actuality, this is not the cause of your smartphones decline in battery capacity. After your phone reaches 100% charge, it is built to retain that charge while accepting excess power without doing damage to your device. The reason for the battery damage of your smartphone is a lack of ventilation overnight. The lack of ventilation causes overheating which in turn ruins a smartphones battery. So keeping your phone charging in proper conditions will not do measureable harm. Devon Ramdial says “I charge my phone overnight when the battery is low, like around 50% or less. The battery life has gotten slightly lower since I got the phone.”

To shed light on yet another very common misconception, Task killers/ Memory cleaners do not actually do your phone any good. A task killer is an app or phone process that stops all running apps on your phone. They damage your phone more than you know. Android devices are built to hold many apps at once and efficiently manage them in their own way. Task killers confuse the way the operating system works and ultimately slows your phone down upon extensive use. Tasfia Rahman said “I’m getting rid of my task manager. I did notice my phone slowing down, but I thought it was just me.”

While you thought you couldn’t charge your phone overnight, it turns out you just need to keep your phone away from your bed so it doesn’t overheat. Also task killers only really serve one purpose, to kill your phone. Myths are apparently just a huge part of the smartphone experience.