How Technology Has Changed Students 

Technology has been a main foundation for our society, and mainly we see technology affecting us students the most. There are some seniors that have shared their perspective from being impacted from technology in 2023 post Covid-19. 

It is a picture of a student with his phone representing a student with technology such as the phone he is using. 

 Students and Technology 

Technology has made a lot of students spend time on their devices. Araf Bhuyian, a senior at Edison has engaged with technology and is very interested in the phone aspect of technology, and this student like many other students had something to say about the screen time he spends on his phone. 

“I have been spending like an hour or 30 minutes on my phone,”Araf Bhuyian said. 

In addition, he also spends time on apps that most students use. 

“What I do most of the time on my phone is I scroll through Insta and watch YouTube,” Araf Bhuyian said. 

 Technology And Covid-19

Many students have been impacted by Covid-19 and it made them feel different ways of the world. Jawad Alamgir, a senior at Edison had to say something about how he’s been impacted by technology in Covid-19. 

“It made me feel disconnected from reality more than before and it has made me realize how important technology has become and will become,” Jawad Alamgir said. 

This shows that this student post Covid-19 really has changed his perception on the world of technology. 

”It does make me more interested in the technology aspect when choosing a career,” Jawad Alamgir said.

With so many apps, it is no wonder students are caught up using technology

 In Person VS Digital Socialization 

Now to get a perspective from Maheshwar Ramanand a senior in Edison mainly uses technology to socialize to people since the years of Covid-19 he collectively responded 

“After Covid-19 technology has made me socialize with people because of having more online conversations,” Maheshwar Ramanand said.

For this reason it shows how new Social Media Development happened for online conversations to be enhanced within humans talking in the digital world.

“In my opinion, having conversations online is easier than having conversations in person,” Maheshwar Ramanand said. This shows that many students prefer talking to their friends digitally rather than in person.

This really showed how Covid-19 changed a students socialization with technology and in the real world.

Technology really impacted students especially after Covid-19, and it really made these students understand the importance of Technology’s relevance, and we can see that many students have definitely changed and have been impacted by technology over the years after Covid-19.

Israfil Alsafa

Hello my name is Israfil Alsafa and I am a journalist writing for the technology section for the Edison Light. I am a senior enrolled in the Electrical Installation Program. I love helping others and being disciplined, honest, and hardworking. Technologies really interest me in how the world is growing substantially with vital tech, and as a senior who wants to become a future health leader as a nurse. I feel that tech is needed for the world in many careers.