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Walking Out for Gun Control: 17 Lives, 17 Minutes of Silence?

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  On Wednesday, March 14th, students all across the country participated in a National School Walkout intended pay respect to the 17 lives lost during the Parkland Florida School Shooting.  After the horrific shooting last month, survivors and supporters proposed that in order to get through to Congress to achieve stricter gun laws, a National […]

Cuphead – One Hell of A Time

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Photo Caption: Cuphead's hand drawn art style serves as a throwback to 1930s animation.
Photo Credit: Studio MDHR

Released on September 29, 2017, Studio MDHR’s Cuphead was released to massive critical appraise, and rightfully so. A combination of arguably the best music, animation, and gameplay ever seen in a video game, Cuphead is set to be remembered as one of the greatest video games of the decade. The game features a simple story […]

How-To Build a Computer

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Have you been in the market for a new computer? For whatever the reason, looking for a computer often ends up with people scrolling down the websites of companies like HP. While these pre-built computers they sell can do the job, what if I told you there was a cheaper alternative to get the same […]

Golden Globes is Black for The Night

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The Time’s Up initiative is dedicated in helping women dealing with sexual harassment in the workforce and raised awareness for the issue by asking everyone attending the Golden Globes to dress in all-black. Actresses were asking their stylists to recreate their original outfits in black and some even wore specially made pins and looked for […]

Hollywood Decides That Time’s Up for Sexual Harassment

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Time's Up Movement takes center stage at Golden Globe awards
Credit:CBS News

  A letter of solidarity was sent by 700,000 female farmworkers to a legion of Hollywood actors, including Anne Hathaway, Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, and several others. Their mission addresses the harassment women that work for television go through. Activists have said, “change from women in entertainment [is] for women everywhere. […]

New Year Starting at the End of March?

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Starting the year off right with all these resolutions can be hard. Days go by, you see that all the cupcakes are gone and you only have $5 left in your wallet. Finally, you decide that hey, January was just the trial month and you’ll be better in March. What ends up happening is that […]

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

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A writer stuck on what to write and therefore is frustrated.
Credit: Albert Bandura, Standford University

     If you aren’t familiar with writer’s block, it is a circumstance where the writer is having trouble producing new work. It is a condition most of us struggle with, and if you are one of the few ones who don’t, then snaps to you. There are multiple types of writer’s block. To narrow it down, […]

Smoke and Black Mirror

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Ever since Black Mirror released its fourth season, it’s been the talk for weeks. Black Mirror is a show based on advanced technology and the outcome it has, whether it’s good or bad. What’s so unique about this show, is how unexpected it is. It contains many twists and each episode is different, and confusing […]

Grammy’s 2018

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Caption-  60th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Photo Credit- Recording Academy

This years Grammy nominees and winners were controversial. People are in disbelief that many singers, rappers, and songwriters were not represented at the Grammys and many did not get a chance to perform. Songs like Migos and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Bad and Boujee,” Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” Gucci Mane’s “Black Beatles,” Post Malone and 21 […]

Everyone Deals With Stress, Why Should You?

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Learning how to cope with failure and stress is important for teenagers to get through high school. Teenagers stress about many things throughout their high school career some being tests, college, shop, homework, and clubs. Many of these things can create stress, the stress can cause adverse effects on the students. Sleep deprivation and loss […]