Top 5 Tips to Keep You Safe on Facebook

Facebook is actually letting people know when they think their users’ accounts are at risk now, similar to what Google started doing back in 2012.  It will display a notification at the top of your screen which lets you know whether the state has been snooping around in your messages, and notifies you to change your password.  Though, there are a lot of other precautions you can take to keep this from happening.  Here are the top four tips for keeping your information on Facebook safe.

1) Limit Past Posts

Facebook has over two trillion posts, all which can now be found through the search function, no matter how old.  If your account is public, people from all across the world can search for and view your posts.

2) Turn on Two Step Authentication

The first step is typing in your password, next – it sends a verification code to your phone that you have to type into a prompt in order for you to login to your account from another device.  

3) Kill all Unknown Facebook Sessions

You can show all of the different browsers and platforms in which you’re logged into Facebook. You should check these every so often in order to clear out your currently open sessions and check for any suspicious activity.

4) Login Alerts

Turn these on so you can know if someone else is accessing your account besides yourself.  You can have these notifications sent to your phone, your email or both of them.

5) Change Your Passwords Routinely

This one may seem like a no brainer, but you should use secure passwords that include special characters, capital letters and numbers.  Your password should be changed at least once every month.