Pass on the Flash

Adobe is a well known software that is widely used by millions of people. We use Adobe Flash for watching media on the Internet. We also use it to play certain games on the Web.  We also use it for special applications for work. Adobe made a new patch for users where it also contained three big security breaches. Elite hackers managed to get into the software and expose  personal information on several companies.

It is highly recommended to delete or disable Flash Player from your computer. Even many companies, like FaceBook, stopped using Flash. Mozilla blocked Flash from running on their browser completely.

Even though Adobe updated the software and fixed this issue. I still wouldn’t trust to use it again for a long time or not at all. This is not the first time since they had this security lapse has happened and I believe it’s certainly not the last. This most recent breakout was the biggest tever recorded;  they released over 400 GB of information.

Pass on the Flash, websites are offering their own services to run certain programs for webpages. Better be safe than sorry.