iPhone and Android Users are Missing Out!

With such a wide selection of apps in the ITunes Store and Google Play, smartphone users have a variety to choose from, but which ones are must-haves? There are several unknown apps that can bring you convenience and reliability. Five highly rated apps available on IPhone and Androids are Microsoft Word, Battery Doctor, Uber, Pupil Path, and Pushbullet. 

Microsoft Word app allows you to view, edit, and create documents. Whether you’re away from home or you do not have access to a laptop, the Microsoft word app allows you to always view your documents. This brings convenience and allows you to complete tasks anywhere.

PupilPath app allows students and parents to view their grades and assignments on their smart phones. It allows you to stay updated on your progress at school after registering with your assigned code. 

The Uber app makes waiting on a taxi line seem out of date! This app allows you to request a ride which will pick you up within minutes without any reservation. You only have to input your destination address and you’ll be updated on your Uber’s location.

Battery doctor is an innovative app that allows you to save up to 50% of your battery life by detecting which apps consume the most power. Then, it gives you the option to change the setting of apps that are draining your battery in order to extend the life of your smart device. 

The Pushbulletin App allows you to combine all your smart devices’ notifications on one device.

If only Vanessa had Battery Doctor app to save battery!

If only Vanessa had Battery Doctor app to save battery!

It links together your photos, songs and messages on your smart phone and make them accessible on your computer. This free app allows you to stay updated on phone notifications without your eyes leaving the computer screen.

Vanessa Mangru said “Microsoft Word is my favorite app because it is universal and you can use it for pretty much anything. From schoolwork to personal, you can easily get it done on the app in pretty much any style you want.” 

These five apps brings convenience and reliability to your everyday life. It allows you to stay on track and maintain focus at the touch of your fingertip. They are available in the Apple Store and Google Play for free.