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Five and Under

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Oreo and Mango Bubble Tea are Kung Fu Tea's most popular flavors and you can go try it with your date! 
Photo Credit: Tiffany Naraine

Spending $5 or less on someone seems odd to those who typically like to impress people, especially on a date with someone you like.There are many places where you and your date can go without spending a lot of money while enjoying the company of each other. As a high school student, there are many […]

Blue Lives Matter

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Police officers mourning the death of fellow officers, who were victims against violent acts.
Photo Credits: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

Police brutality occurs worldwide; police officers are often attacked because of media coverage and personal bias. Vigilante citizens make it their business to punish officers for stories the media covers. They don’t believe that trials conducted were fair to the citizens who were hurt and decide to take punishment into their own hands. Most people […]

Edison: Connection Error?

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Thomas A. Edison CTE High school, A technological hub, meant to provide quality education for careers and high academics.
Photo Credit: Rick Carl Paningsoro

Thomas A. Edison CTE High school is a school unlike many others. Serving as a technological hub for research and development. As well as catering programs unlike others in New York City.  As a tech school, it has to live up to certain standards and expectations. In which some students and staff see Edison’s ability […]

M.T.A. Board Pushes Back Fare Hikes

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Jospeh J. Lhota, chairman of the MTA, during a board meeting in July
Photo Credit: Victor J. Blue

New York City subway riders are likely to face fare hikes following the commencement of the MTA’s new subway rescue plan. This new subway rescue plan was set to provide solutions for “steady deteriorating service” and “included at least 30 separate measures to address the major problems plaguing the system, including antiquated signals and subway […]

The Returning Dead

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The most anticipated return of AMC’s gruesome and graphic apocalypse show, has fans buzzing as they come back for their 8th Season. The Walking Dead left off Season 7 with some unfinished business in terms of the allies and enemies created. A rollercoaster of emotions, between characters that have gone, and conflict among the two […]

The NBA Trade: A New Era

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Old team mates Kyrie Irving and Lebron James hug it out after the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers battle it out.
Photo Credit: USA Today

The 2017-2018 NBA season has been impacted by trades that took place as early as July. Major trades that took place earlier in the season included Carmelo Anthony leaving the New York Knicks after seven years for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kyrie Irving leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after six years for the Boston Celtics and […]

Hidden Figures Beneath the Stars

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Hidden Figures Poster

Women have always been doubted of their abilities since the beginning of time. Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson are three women who faced discrimination, but in the end came together to accomplish one of NASA’s biggest achievements, John Glenn’s launch into the orbit. The highly anticipated movie Hidden Figures topped Martin Luther King […]

Hands Up, Guns Down

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Promotional Poster Uploaded from 50 Cent on Instagram showcasing both Soulja Boy (left) and Chris Brown (Right)

The viral feud that started with one Instagram “like”, that captured our hearts and minds, a battle between two megastars: Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. A showdown for the ages. Soulja Boy is no stranger to starting feuds, but now he has taken a regular “beef” into a full-fledged boxing match. The fight ignited after […]

Clean or Dirty Kicks?

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The white Adidas are kept clean unlike the red Pumas.

How come your sneakers are so dirty?  Why are your shoes so white? These questions seem to be common when asking about sneakers. Many students take pride in their kicks and want to show off their value. However other students don’t really care about their sneakers, and actually prefer them to be dirty. When you […]

Sweet To Lick: A Vegan Bakery Review

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Chipotle Seitan Tacos - $7.00

Have you ever heard of a vegan bakery? Well now you have! Sweet To Lick, located on 78 Hillside Avenue in Williston Park, NY, is a great place to try out vegan foods and sweets. The first food that I tried was their Tu-no melt. On top a slice of rye bread is their “tuna” […]