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Better than Schoolie

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Ringgggg it’s finally your lunch period and you can hardly wait to see what they have in the cafeteria this time! Or can you? If you’re like the many students that would rather skip a meal in school than eat a cardboard tasting chicken patty, then why not make your own lunch?   We have all […]

Two Rides for the Price of One

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On the night of January 5th, 2017, Chung had exciting plans to go to a basketball game at a Catholic school with all his friends. Being the popular student he is, it is extremely important he made an appearance. When he arrived home from school, Chung quickly got dressed and proceeded to his front door, […]

Barriers That Prevent Us From Being Held Back

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Stanchions in place blocking students from leaving before the end of their scheduled school day

  Attendance in Edison classrooms have been higher lately as the administration has implemented a new tactic to keep students inside the building during the latter part of the school day The stanchions were put in place since the end of the last school year to combat cutting throughout the day. They are posted at […]

You Auto Know! Edison Won Again

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McCoon and Suriel staying after school to prepare for their next competition

For two and a half years, automotive students have tirelessly studied and dedicated hours of their time to perfecting their skills so that they’d be prepared to compete; so far, it has definitely been paying off.  On January 11th, Lincoln Tech’s Toyota Training Center hosted its annual GNYADA (Greater New York Dealer Automotive Dealership Association) […]

Fear, Frustration, and Uncertainness Found in Finals

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Teenage student demonstrates the mixed emotions brought by finals and the way finals week is spent

Students walk down the halls of Edison with papers rustling in their hands with worry in their eyes, finals week is fast approaching. Finals week occurs twice a year as an end to a semester in order for teachers to finalize their grades and to observe if students fully learned all topics taught in that […]

Edison’s 4th Annual Karaoke Night

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Kevin Baidal (Left) and Martha Hache (Right) who were MC"s of Karaoke Night

Edison’s very own Karaoke Night event took place on Friday, January 13th, 2017. Hosted by National Honor Society, the event brought in a large crowd eager to sing along and watch their friends sing on stage. With over 20 performances, the audience had a fun time engaging in song and music. Lead by two MC’s, […]

Awaiting the Bell

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The project must be turned in today and you’ve spent all night working on it. You’re off to a late start in the morning, but finally, fight all odds to reach school with 15 minutes remaining in the period, 15 minutes to hand your project in on time, only to end up having to wait […]

Testing and Education Reference Center

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Mehrab Hossain utilizing the TERC database.

Are you a sophomore, junior, or senior looking for a free website to help you prep for specialized tests? Well the Edison librarians have got your back! The Testing and Education Reference Center is a database that offers free test taking for AP exams, PSATs, SHSATs, SATs, and ACTs.  They have free online courses and […]

The Reinvented Edison

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We can finally see the front of our building without scaffolding!​

For the past year and six months, Edison has been veiled in construction material.  For the first time since then, students and faculty were greeted by a scaffolded free Edison when returning back from Spring break on May 2, 2016.  It was as if we were looking at a reinvented Edison.  Of course, students got […]

Edison has Skills

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2016 SkillsUSA Citywide Competition Winners

“Edison has been doing the SkillsUSA Competitions for four years. This is our fifth year participating. These competitions allow us to showcase our CTE programs and the skills of our students. There are competitions in every CTE field. There are also leadership competitions that students can participate in,” stated Mr. Kalloo, the leader of our […]