Dunkin Donuts Dramatic Cup Switcheroo!

Ever since, June 2015 Dunkin Donuts has been switching their cups from Styrofoam to paper to now, new foam cups. The change was sprung up by a ban on Styrofoam cups made by Mayor De Blasio on June 2015. Ever since the ban, Dunkin Donuts has been experimenting to make the best cup since the summer of 2015 to create one that best fits their customer’s needs.  

Although, this topic has become very controversial since many people have different views on these cup changes. Some agreed with the ban because Styrofoam cups cannot be recycled and are harmful to the environment. Others did not agree since they thought the other cups were more insulated than the paper cups that were made.

A regular customer named, Amanda Garvey stated that, “Honestly, I do not mind these new cups, they insolate my drink and I’m glad they are recyclable. The paper cups do not seem to insulate my cups as much as these new cups, so I’m glad that Dunkin Donuts changed to these new cups.”

The new Dunkin Donuts cup that is now made out of polypropylene.

The new Dunkin Donuts cup that is now made out of polypropylene.

The new cups are now being used in more than 500 stores in New York. There are now being made out of polypropylene which is used for a variety of items including yogurt containers to medicine bottles. The cups seem to be more “earth-friendly” and are recyclable which can help out the environment. These cups reduce the added waste that occurs with double cupping and cup sleeves because these new cups do not need any added materials. The downside of the cups is that they are more expensive for the company to make which can cause an increase in prices one day…

Jenna, a support center coordinator from Dunkin Donuts had said, “We continue to work tirelessly on a sustainable cup solution that works for our guests, franchisees and the environment. To minimize waste in the interim, we have reduced the weight of both our foam hot cup and our plastic cold cup, we offer a reusable mug program, and we are testing an in-store foam cup recycling program.”

Dunkin Donuts has made many changes to their cups for us to enjoy their beverages to the max. To this day, Dunkin Donuts keeps continuing to work on the quality and efficiency of their cups, so we should look out for any more changes that can be made with their cups!