Straight Outta Yale

Model UN, probably one of the most rigorous classes you can take in Edison. Most students spend their nights up researching topics one after the other to try and put together a position paper that will help them get resolutions passed. The time and effort these students put into this class can sometimes be overwhelming.  It shows that even through the tough weather, it didn’t matter to them, they wanted to make a difference and succeed. They worked so hard over the year, they couldn’t let one snow storm keep them away at the Yale conference this year.

Model UN 4.0 Photo Credit: Mr.Hansen

Model UN 4.0
Photo Credit: Mr.Hansen

Kimberly Thomas, a Model UN student, said “the day we were snowed in, we went back to the hotel and some of us worked on our research, speeches, and so forth and then we battled each other to see who could take over the world in Risk. We just hung out and enjoyed the snow day. We also spread the word about Edison’s shop in a box.”

This shows that these students can take the time necessary to be serious and also enjoy a little “family bonding” time. The blizzard that came at the same time as the conference never stopped these students.

The experience and a sense of unity these students received are ones that they can carry forever. Kimberly Thomas made a statement that proves just that.

“I learned how to be more outspoken and how to grab the attention of others. These are skills that I know will stick to me as I continue to grow. I also found that I was no different than the girl I met from Brazil or the foreign exchange student I met from Mexico. We’re truly all the same, besides the basic differentiations.”