Robotics Visit

The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria visited Thomas A. Edison CTE High School to receive exposure to the Career and Technical Education offered. They learned and explored robotics engineering. Current robotics students showed their extensive projects and gave them an insight look into what goes behind the creation of robots.

The students showed the girls different aspect behind programming and building robots that they have learned within the past three years. Sophomore students showed them how to wire breadboards; these breadboard functions as the circuit to power the robot.

Junior students demonstrated the creation of Lego robots, these robots are programmed with basic robot behaviors by utilizing sensors, touch, light, rotation, and sound. Senior students showed how to use power tools and the current rover robots they are working on.

The students showed the girls the robots they have built and programmed used in competitions statewide such as VEX, FRC, and SkillsUSA Competitions.

Robotics has traces within several fields, such as mechanical engineering and computer science. The programming, intricate designing, and building process that go behind the development robots are built by high school students.

Women have small representative in technical fields. This visit will be sure to spark the minds of these young girls to explore technical fields.

The students from Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria teacher, Jose Orea said, “I’m very excited to lead these girls for the 21st century because these are valuable skills that will be useful not just for now, but later. It’s great exposure.”