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Tacos at Tacombi

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As you enter Tacombi, a warm and dimly-lighted room, you’re welcomed by the friendly employees. The atmosphere is chill and relaxed. If you’re looking for a good spot to sit and grab some tacos, Tampico is the place.  

For an …

Stress Less, Get a Dress!

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Despite prom being of the one of the most exciting event of Senior year, the preparation is a hassle. While everyone goes out for last minute prom shopping, it’s good to have an idea on what to wear for prom

The Interview

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You’ve spent weeks fixing your resume, days picking out your outfit and hours practicing your lines, but all that remains is that final obstacle, your interview. Is if often the littlest things that can make or break interviews and the …

Awaiting the Bell

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The project must be turned in today and you’ve spent all night working on it. You’re off to a late start in the morning, but finally, fight all odds to reach school with 15 minutes remaining in the period, 15 …