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Inside David’s Bridal, which is located in Long Island City

Despite prom being of the one of the most exciting event of Senior year, the preparation is a hassle. While everyone goes out for last minute prom shopping, it’s good to have an idea on what to wear for prom earlier.

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Prom dresses from David’s Bridal varies in different pricing. (Above pic $379.95, Right pic $459.95)

Prom doesn’t come until June, so many students tend to shop for prom a few weeks before it. If you want to find the perfect dress that will make you stand out throughout the whole night, then early prom shopping might be a good idea. Instead of worrying if somebody else will have the same dress as you, go explore different stores starting now!

In New York City, there are a variety of stores where you can buy prom dresses. You can order dresses online too. You can even have your own customized dress. It also depends on your prom budget. There’s a David’s Bridal in Plaza 48 at 48th Street in Long Island City that sells prom dresses. They even offer prom discounts and have great customer service and allow you to try on as many dresses as you like. When you visit the store, they give you a personal stylist that will guide you through the selection process and find a perfect dress-fit for you.

Prom is a one-night event, and if you’re the type to just want to save money, you might just want the option to rent a dress. A website called allows you to rent dresses for different occasions at a fraction of the price than what it sells for retail.prom 2 (1)

There’s also a website called that allows you to customize your own dress. It has received good reviews from satisfied customer
s who have complimented Lunss’ ability to perfectly make the dresses they wanted.

“Once you start your Senior year, you start looking forward to the senior incentives at the end of the year, so I definitely started thinking about prom early like the dress, limousine, and even my date,” said Venise Villanueva, a graduate from Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. “Dress shopping was extremely stressful because you get this one shot to find the “perfect” dress and there’s always a worry of showing too much, showing too little, or having the same dress as someone else.”

Go all out on prom and start looking for dresses early. It’s good to start looking at your favorite designs, and even look at different celebrities for fashion inspirations. Explore and discover dresses that will truly make you win Best Dressed for the night.

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