Tacos at Tacombi

Spicy chicken tacos labeled as Pollo Yucateco on the menu.

Spicy chicken tacos labeled as Pollo Yucateco on the menu.

As you enter Tacombi, a warm and dimly-lighted room, you’re welcomed by the friendly employees. The atmosphere is chill and relaxed. If you’re looking for a good spot to sit and grab some tacos, Tampico is the place.  

For an appetizer I recommend starting with chips and guacamole, which came with corn chips rather than tortilla chips; the corn chips had a much heavier taste, but went well with the guacamole. For an entree, I recommend the Pollo Yucateco chicken tacos; though the portions are small, the tacos are meaty, flavorful, and spicy.

Jose Oscar, the cafe manager said, “I would recommend the Carnitas Taco and the al Pastor Taco. A lot of people come and say the crispy chicken taco is really good too. The environment of the cafe is great, it’s very relaxed.”

Tacombi has three Manhattan locations on Elizabeth Street, Bleecker Street, and 23rd Street. Restaurant hours are 11am-12 am Monday through Saturday and 11am-10:30pm on Sundays. I recommend this spot because the prices aren’t too high and it’s easily accessible by the train.

Fayina Ibrahim

My name is Fayina Ibrahim. My hobbies include traveling around the city and trying new foods. Trying different foods to me is like traveling around the country without ever having to leave the city. I want to share the wonderful food spots that I have found on my travels so that hopefully others will give it a try as well.