The Edison Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Tree lighting at Christian Gosine's House

Christmas Tree lighting at Christian Gosine’s House

Every end of the year, people from all ages look forward to one very special day in their lives – Christmas. It is the day when all family members start putting their black Friday shopping gifts to use. At Thomas Edison HS, there exists a diverse population of cultures and religion. Hence, Christmas celebrations are not what one would ideally expect among Edison students.

Fatima Kabir, a senior at Edison explains, “I am a Bengali Muslim but I still love and respect the idea of Christmas bringing everyone together. Even though I don’t go to church or pray like Christians, I like to exchange gifts with my friends and spent the national holiday at home with my family. Christmas is like an excuse to bring the entire family together every year for dinner and catch up with each other.”

Christian Gosine, another senior at Edison states, “I was born in a highly religious Catholic family where we went to church every Sunday and participated in most community based church charity events. For my family, Christmas is the most important day of the year. We open our presents in the morning, then go to church, and spent the rest of the day with all the family members and relatives gathering at my house.”

All in all, December 25th is the day millions of people around the world celebrate and pay respect to the birth of Jesus. Whether one is Christian or not, the feeling of joy and unity at

Edison on this holiday is apparent among all.