The Impact of College Decisions on Students’ Mental Health  

April 1st is a date that keeps coming across senior students’ minds. It is the day that all colleges, specifically Ivy League schools, come out with their decisions for students. While this day gets closer, students have reported how it has taken a huge toll on their mental health.

Ms. Pappas, who is the college counselor, told her students from the start to be prepared for any outcome even if it may not be the desired outcome. She also asks them how they would feel if they did not get in based on whether or not they have a GPA which does not necessarily fit the schools that they want to apply to.

“I want to make sure that the schools that they are applying to are not completely out of their range,” Ms. Pappas said.

Upon receiving news of rejection from their dream schools, students are clueless on how to move forward as many went into the college application process with the mindset that they will get into their desired schools. Even for students who are waitlisted, they would prefer rejection because waitlisting means that there is a hope.

“My dreams were crushed. I wanted to go to Stony Brook and then they waitlisted me. All of my fantasies about dorming with my friends are gone,” senior Rehan Haque said.

Looking back on their college application experience, students felt a huge sense of relief after finding out the college decision. During this period, students would often find themselves spending time with their friends or picking up on activities.

“It felt like the whole time I was on the edge of my seat and I needed to do something in order to keep my mind off of it,” senior Mahima Khan said.

The school has a team full of guidance and college counselors in order to help students through their specific challenges. Many students claim that the school could not really have helped more in the process.

“They should have a mindfulness week or have Brain Power pushed into classes to do mindfulness exercises and help students with the stress,” senior Sarita Singh said.

Nowroz Smita Nowmi

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