Students Gather To Celebrate the Beginning of Holiday Season

On December 21st, Key Club is hosting a gingerbread house making competition. This is the first Winter Holiday event of this year. 72 students gathered together to celebrate the start of the winter season through this event. 

Key Club is an organization which holds several community events throughout the year especially during special occasions; the club advisor is Ms. Loveras. Each board member is in charge of organizing an event per month. This month Mahirah Rahman, was in charge of preparing an event and she came up with the idea of making a gingerbread house competition. The tickets were sold for $5 each. Last year, Key Club organized a similar event during the Holiday season but it was to decorate cookies. 

“We wanted to do something fun and different because I feel like we always do similar events so I feel like if we do something new, then people can keep coming back for different things,” President of Key Club, Tunazzina Roza said. 

Upon the arrival of the students, the board members and Ms. Loveras expressed that they were expecting many students to arrive and were pleasantly surprised.

“The idea of creating this event is to bring all the Key Club members together and celebrate the end of the year and have our own holiday get together,” Ms. Loveras said. 

The process behind getting the event together required many efforts. Some of the materials were marshmallows (vegan and non-vegan), hot chocolate, candy canes, toppings (M&Ms and sprinkles), graham crackers, cups, straws, Hershey’s chocolate, and an electric s’mores maker.

 “I purchase the materials first and then get reimbursed on the money we spent on the supplies,” Ms. Loveras said.

At the end of the event, a winner was chosen by Ms. Loveras. The first place winners were Liya Drepaul, Kevin Ramkirath, Naufa Fahmida, and Saul Martinez. They were awarded with Edison Bucks and goodie bags, which were filled with cups with a packet of hot chocolate and candy. 

Students reported that they learned about this event through social media and how social media posts are more effective when reaching out to them.

“This was a good stress-free relaxer before the break,” junior Sajia Chowdhury said.

Nowroz Smita Nowmi

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