Out of the Darkness Community Walk

According to the Mental Health America Organization, depression affects over 19 million Americans every year. Such statistics prove that depression is an unfortunate condition that requires immense support and compassion from our community.

On October 25, 2015, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention hosted a walk at Battery Park City, NY to fundraise for their campaign and raise awareness within the city. This particular organization focuses on eliminating the loss of lives to suicide by delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public about warning signs, raising funds for suicide research, and reaching out to those individuals who have lost someone to suicide.

Along with local New Yorkers, student club members from our very own, Thomas

The registration area where The Out of the Darkness Walk begins

The registration area where The Out of the Darkness Walk begins

A. Edison High School attended the walk to show our spirits in helping to end depression.

When asked Emily Lachuu, a senior at Edison about her opinion on the walk, she states, “I am proud to say that I am attending this event for a cause that affects so many people from all places of life. You never know who or how many people around you are having suicidal thoughts just because they might be afraid to even talk about it. With this walk, I want my friends and family to know that if they are feeling alone or oppressed in any way, I am there for them 24/7. I want to let them know that they are not alone.”   

Darshanie Rambarack from our school’s Teens at Service club explains, “I once had a friend who got angry whenever someone tried to start a conversation with her. She wouldn’t talk for a couple of days to anyone in class, not even her own friends. I didn’t know she was actually going through depression until I went up to her one day and asked her why she was always so moody. That was the day she broke down in front of me and shared her problems with me. I am glad I was able to be there for my friend that day and let her know that she has my unconditional support.”   

Likewise, urging one’s classmates to open up if they look upset or frustrated can help prevent any suicidal thoughts whether its minor or highly considered. Together, as a community, we can help save a life.