Ms. Brown SPARK the school

WELCOME BACK! It’s a new school year, meaning new staff, new problems, new work, and a new opportunity. This year we got a new Counselor for SPARK. For those who are not aware, SPARK is a program that affords students the opportunity to meet with a specially trained Youth Development Counselor to discuss any issue that s/he may be of concerned. SPARK’s main goals are to increase awareness and provide support related to substance and alcohol abuse.

Photo of Ms. Brown, SAPIS Counselor. Photo Credit: Suha Khondker

Photo of Ms. Brown, SAPIS Counselor.

This program also has groups that discuss things such as HIV-AIDS, peer pressure, self-esteem, academic excellence, violence prevention, decision-making, and other risks and protective factors. Teens can use SPARK as a resource center for any sort of questions, support and referrals to community based organizations. Positive social interaction, school wide projects, educational workshops and group discussions are a few of our traditional activities.

Students who engage in after school activities may utilize the computers and space to do school assignments during the break in their day. The SPARK Peer Helpers are specifically selected and trained students who are available to provide peer to peer support on academic, social and other common issues that teens can experience during their high school years. Peer Helpers adhere to strict codes of discretion and work under the supervision of the SPARK Peer Trainer. If this comes to your interest then go ahead and try to join, don’t be shy.