College Application Season

Edison's potential colleges bulletin board display near the college office. Photo Credits: Aneesa Asgarali

Edison’s potential colleges bulletin board display near the college office.
Photo Credits: Aneesa Asgarali

Students all around the country are stressed as college application deadline dates quickly approach. Most students don’t have the knowledge of how to go about applying or programs like Naviance that help with the process. It is not taught how to properly cope with stress and it only makes the application process that much more hectic.

From the time you were born, your parents talk about what college you will be attending. It’s not a surprise that most students are extremely pressured when it comes to applying to college and that this pressure induces a ton of stress.

Amanda Engel, the college counselor at Thomas A. Edison High school said, “I think that everybody should apply to college. It’s good to have that back up option whether you decided to attend college or not.”

You can never be too safe with something like college. Engel continued to stress the fact that even if you don’t want to go to college, applying isn’t going to hurt you. Especially the CUNY application, now that it is so easy.

Engel said, “offense is the best defense and preparation is really key.” She advises you to stay organized and get things done early so there is no stress of doing everything the night before. Pacing yourself, organization, time management and research are key. Last minute work is never worth the wait.  

At Edison, we’ve just begun using the website Naviance. It is quite baffling to the student body, as well as the teachers, as is anything newly introduced. Naviance is a readiness software that helps organize and file all of the important high schooler’s information in one convenient platform.

Naviance is beneficial and the best plan for Edison is emphasized tremendously by our College Counselor. It is not easy for people to deal with change because change is associated with challenge, but this challenge comes with rewards in the end. Once it is familiarized the college counselor, teachers and students will all be using it with ease. Furthermore, it is a matter of convenience when it comes to organization and filing everything you need into one particular means of communication.

As stressful as the college applications may be, the students need to learn how to deal with and cope with that kind of stress. The process may be strenuous, but it does come to a rewarding end when it is over and you get accepted to the college of your choice.

Stress is not fun nor is it easy to deal with, so avoiding it overall while applying is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself this college application season.

Aneesa Asgarali

My name is Aneesa Asgarali and I write for the general news section of the paper. I love art and music and I spend most of my free time exploring the city with friends. I enjoy journalism because I have a passion for writing and I’m excited to portray that in my articles.