Starbucks Mobile

 This year Starbucks started their new online ordering. Having the ability to order online saves us time we don’t normally have to wait on long lines. With the new mobile ordering, you download the app, get a Starbucks card connected to the app, order the drink of your choice (with customizations), and pick it up in the store of your choice after the given wait time.

Sophomore Komal Kaur said, “In Starbucks the lines are huge and it takes patience to wait there. The new method would be very effective to me because I love coffee but I don’t want to wait in that long line.”

The app also allows for you to see many of the “secret menu” items that you don’t normally see in stores on the overhead menus. Being able to have more choices right at your fingertips makes Starbucks more 21st century ready.

This shows that the lines have been reduced at Starbucks.

This shows that the lines have been reduced at Starbucks.

Many kids and even adults are relying more and more on technology and the introduction to online ordering makes this more appealing. Other stores such as Papa John’s and Dominos have already implemented online usage and Starbucks is now joining them in becoming more technology friendly.

Not only is this convenient for many, but signing up for has the mobile app allows you to receive emailed deals and specials for those who have a Starbucks mobile account. These deals can range from discounted foods and drinks to free offers. The app also allows you to gain stars with each purchase. When you reach a certain amount of stars you are raised to the next level starting with the welcome level, then going to the green level after 5 stars, and ending on the gold level after 30 stars.

Each of these levels comes with benefits such as free refills, free drinks or food on your birthday, and additional discounts. The emailed deals will also give you ways to earn more stars faster, such as one purchase resulting in extra stars.

Overall, the new Starbucks mobile is appealing to many technology dependent people. Being able to order through your phone, pay through your phone, and go into the store and pick up your order without waiting in line is one of the best things for many people, especially those who don’t like to wait in lines.