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Real Madrid Disqualified From the Copa Del Ray

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The team that calls itself the best in the world has gotten themselves entangled in an ordeal that only amateur clubs are used to dealing with. The Spanish giant, Real Madrid, have egregiously been eliminated from the Spanish Copa del Ray due to mistakenly playing an ineligible player. In the Copa Del Rey game against […]

Change Today, No Headache Tomorrow

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Tired of the headaches, the migraines, the unwanted pain? If so, it’s time for a change! Headaches are the most common health problems worldwide. Not all headaches can be cured, however they can be avoided.   ” I usually get a headache at least once a week due to stress and anxiety,” Senior Kirandeep Kaur stated. […]

Protein Facts & Myths

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A lot of Americans are obsessed with protein. Vegetarians and vegans are always accused of not getting enough protein, thinking that protein is the most valuable part of a human’s diet. Protein powders and supplements are available in most average food stores and mothers are always telling their children to make sure they eat enough […]

Sushi with a Kick

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Ninja is located at 25 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013 and is an underground restaurant in Tribeca that offers Japanese Cuisine including sushi. At the restaurant, the waiters are hired to play the role of ninjas by doing fire and magic tricks, replicating the stereotypes of Ninjas, and having the overall aroma of the […]