Virtual Reality Comes to Life

Samsung’s Gear VR headset released in November 2015, going for about $400 per headset.  It is known as a cheaper way to use virtual reality – as long as you have the coordinating Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet to go with it.  So Samsung is introducing a cheaper way to do this, to visit their movie studio in Times Square.  This will give people a way to try out multiple types of realities using the glasses and controlling it using the buttons on the side and moving their head.  

Nusrut Jahan, a Samsung Gear VR user, says that “I am very interested in virtual reality, so I purchased this to go along with my Galaxy S6.  I got one for Christmas and I have used it quite a bit since then.  Though the controls are a bit difficult at times, I particularly liked the movie theater setup – but it does hurt my head after a while.”

Though you can try it out at a Samsung store, the studio will have an especially interactive experience, basically putting you into your favorite films.  Samsung tries its best to show off landmarks and scenery from across the world.  Many of those who tried it loved the feature in which you could view the entire reality, a full 360 view.  It might be a scenic view or it may be watching Netflix in a living room.  There are multiple views included on the virtual reality headset as of right now, giving users the ability to walk on Mars or to step foot into the movieThe Hunger Games”.  This studio expected to open next year – would probably be the next hyped up place, where people of all ages wait in line for hours just to see what it’s about.