Time to Revamp your Old Smartphone

Once people upgrade their smartphone, they pay no attention to their old smart device. Did you invest $500 in getting that old device, only to put it to waste? There are several ways that you can utilize their smartphones, other than returning it to a trade in program.

You can connect your smartphone to a Security IP Webcam to initiate surveillance. This allows you to keep an eye on your home while on the go. There are specific apps that even notify you when motion is detected at the location.

Smartphones can be used as a Wi-Fi Remote Control, which allows you to control your television from your phone through the app. It allows you to change channels, brightness, and volume. Other functions includes to stop, play, pause, or replay.

The device can be utilized as a media center. Instead of draining your current smartphone device battery, you can use your other device for applications. It can be a MP3 to listen to music. Or play games on gaming apps. The device can be your alarm clock as well.

The smart device can become an offline GPS for navigation. Simply download the offline capabilities and you can use the GPS on the go without Internet. The MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps app offers the offline navigation for free.

The device can be used as a backup drive. Simply connect it to your computer and import files or photos into your old device. This way the photos are conveniently backed up and can be accessed anytime. If you choose to use the device as a backup drive, it is advised to store it in another room in case of an emergency.

Rosepreet Kaur said, “I don’t have an old smartphone, but I would probably use it as an MP3 player or backup drive because it will save me space.”