TikTok to the Top

TikTok, a video producing application rated #2 for top entertainment applications on the Apple app store, has millions of people creating short videos and reacting to other content produced. What started off as entertainment by lip syncing to popular music escalated to viral dance trends and millions of unique skits. 

TikTok is a video production platform where users create short snippets of whatever they desire. The app’s content ranges from comedic skits to trendy dance videos, and even to spreading forms of self expression and advocating for campaigns they reside with. This social platform allows users to engage with others through posting videos and then tapping for a like, commenting and re-sharing videos. It was one of the most downloaded apps in 2018 and it’s growth has only expanded since. TikTok has become one of the most popular apps to use amongst teens as it has become situated into every day lifestyles. Comparing to other media applications, it rises to Instagram and Snapchat as the level of interaction is highly evident and is loved by generation Z.


In Queens, New York, local high school at Thomas Edison CTE students have input their opinions of TikTok when asked various questions. “What are your feelings towards this application” student Vendela Perry responded with, “Initially, I downloaded this app out of curiosity on what the hype was about because I saw it overflow on my Instagram timeline. After using the app for some time, I became obsessed then deleted it.” Perry admits to quickly becoming so addicted to TikTok that she had to delete the app off of her phone. 

Samira Chowdury said, “I like to create popular dances that are trending on the app. Certain dances match specific songs and my friends and I always try to recreate it.”

Social media in its entirety has risen to popularity due to the fear of missing out. The fear that everyone is a part of a trend that you aren’t in and this is heavily shown through TikTok as the trends change almost every week. Student Sami Dewan said“Teenagers all love everything new. Same reason kids want the new iPhone is the same as them wanting to follow this popular trend. it’s an easy way to get noticed and it’s fairly easy to gain popularity.”

The app has been said to have emulate vine, a previous video producing app that lets you produce content for 6 seconds or less. When asked about why you think TikTok has become so famous, senior Enrique Pansigno said, “TikTok is relatable funny app to escape stress and get a laugh.”

TikTok has gained its own community of people of all ages, and its growth is shown through creating content with endless opportunities to customize it however users want.

Sakshi Gondkar

My name is Sakshi Gondkar and I live my life through experiencing new moments and learning about new cultures to help me strengthen my understanding on what is life. I am passionate about expressing this through my writing using photojournalism and incorporating creative and opinionated writing.