The Influence of Technology in Election 2016

Technology has had a strong impact on the election process in 2016. Candidates are vulnerable to attacks through social media as posts cause train reactions.

Candidates attract support from voter through clever techniques to reach out to the public. Online polls allow candidates to learn about what people are interested in and how to appeal to the issues of the American people. It allows them to tailor to our interests by reviewing what people post and their reaction to certain subjects.

Karanvir Singh said “It helps candidates gain an edge by exposing lies of other candidates. Nowadays people tend to believe what they read on social media. It can help them with advertising like in Facebook groups and Twitter.”

Candidates take different approaches to communicate with voters. Photo Credit: Twitter

Candidates take different approaches to communicate with voters.
Photo Credit: Twitter

Candidates communicate with the public  through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It was only 12 years ago that social influence had very little influence in the election process when Facebook was just launched. Candidates have the opportunity to contact the public directly and it allows people to discuss their views on certain politicians.

Candidates must embrace the threat of virality that can occur within seconds. The second a candidate makes a racy comment, a new trend on twitter begins. The speeches and posts used by people are recorded and fill the feeds of thousands of people within the click of a button.

Fahhad Ali said, “Facebook is usually by source for 2016 election updates because it only takes a few minutes to scroll down and read about what’s going on.”

Candidates use technology to appeal to voter to gain national support. It has played a crucial role in the public opinion of candidates.

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