Technology & Mind Control your Computer

Logmein is an innovative app that allows you to remotely access your computer ultimately anywhere through any mobile device! Whether you may be in the other room or at school, this app allows you to access your computer virtually at any location. Logmein allows you to navigate through your home computer on your mobile device.

Logmein is a must have app which allows users to gain access to their desktop on various devices through hosting a session. To enjoy the benefits of this app, you must first make an account online on the app’s website. Then, you follow the process displayed on the screen to download the software. Next, just log into the app on your device and your session is set!

Jaskirat Gosal said, “I use Logmein to access my computer’s webcam to check if my brother is using my game system so he can’t lie and say otherwise.”

Your mobile device acting as if it was your desktop

Your mobile device acting as if it was your desktop

Regardless of your location, Logmein allows you to navigate through your desktop and access the programs as if you were sitting at home. If you have to access documents or images from your desktop, you can do so on any mobile device. You can even access your computer’s webcam to see your desktop’s surroundings. Logmein is an app worth acquiring to ensure admission into your desktop virtually anywhere.

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