Saving The Under-privileged

The first floor of the Thomas A. Edison High School holds a room filled with kids that are more than just students, they are the change of tomorrow. The Model United Nations students are determined to get their word broadcast and they do so with the help of technology. They utilize technology to communicate and help children  in developing countries.

Shop in a Box, a creation of Model United Nations, depends on technology to further their research. The students dedicate one period every day to brainstorm ideas. The principal, Mr. Ojeda, has provided a tech-based facility for the students. Some of the boxes in Shop in a Box are Power in a Box, Commercial Arts in a Box, Water Filtration in a Box, and Medical Assistance in a Box.

Power in a Box has already sent out a hand sponge generator to some programs in North Carolina that helped them build small generators, which they used to build a bigger one.

Jareen Mohammad, a delegate, said, “Solar Panels were sent to girls in Pakistan because girls in Pakistan do not have access to constant source of energy to power their school. So the solar panels were able to benefit them and give them constant mass production energy.”

“Commercial Arts in a Box was sent to Costa Rica basically… to help them express their needs and express how they are really feeling through art because lots of children who go through traumatic events are able to express how they truly feel through the means of art.” said Mohammad.

Technology has helped make the journey for giving to others and Model United Nations is one of the many examples of the ways Thomas A. Edison High School utilize technology.

Nafisa Anjum

Hi, my name is Nafisa Anjum. My home section is technology because our technology is changing everyday making our life easier. Technology gives us access to the pool of information that we utilize without even knowing. As an aspiring criminal justice lawyer, it is important for me to keep up with the news and current events and technology helps me do that at any given time.