Samsung’s S21 Ultra Coming Up Strong!

Samsung finally launched and released their new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra on January 14th, and it is available for preorder. This phone seems like it could take on the new iPhone 12 Pro Max that was released a few months back in November 2020. With a new price and big spec numbers, the Galaxy S21 Ultra could be the next major phone in the tech industry. 

The new S21 Ultra comes in at a slightly different price from last year’s S20 Ultra, in fact, it is about $200 less than last year’s main flagship. This drop in price comes at a cost though, just like Apple did last November, the headphones and the charger brick no longer come in the box with the phone itself, not to mention that there is no more expandable memory slot for an SD card. 

The Ultimate Design for the Ultimate Chip: 

The New S21 Ultra has a sleek matte coloring for the 5 different colors that it comes in. A Huge, 6.8 inch quad HD OLED display at 120hz that Marques Brownlee said to look “futuristic” in his “First Impressions” video. With a massive 5,000 mAh battery, you can rest assured that it will last you all day in one charge, even with heavy use. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip will be the fastest chip ever in the Galaxy lineup. It’s said to have a “2x faster NPU with enhanced GPU and CPU delivering category-leading speeds, enabling its epic Pro-grade camera to seamlessly handle the highest resolution photos and videos possible. It even manages the 5000mAh battery more intelligently so it outlasts the day, even on 5G” by the EVP Head of Flaship Production Won-Joon Choi. 

Update to the Camera Module:

“It has 4 cameras: a main camera with 108 megapixels with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), a 12 megapixel wide angle camera, and two telephoto cameras, a 3X and a 10X periscope camera.” said tech reviewer, Marques Brownlee. All this means that you will be able to crispy shots with the main camera, zoom in for good portrait mode images and even zoom in up to 100 times for the objects that are far away. The cameras have been tweaked by Samsung so that they are able to flow much better between cameras and it is able to process your images to be clear even at 100 times zoom. “The brilliant shots continue in Night Mode as AI deep learning and multi-frame blending transform after dark adventures into bright, vivid photos.” 

And it doesn’t stop there, “Ground-breaking Director’s View reimagines movie making. Simply switch between camera angles, from ultra-wide to wide, go close with tele or select Vlogger Mode to put yourself in the film. And at 60fps in 4K across all four lenses, every move now looks super smooth.” Said Won-Joon Choi, in the video released with the launch of the S21 Ultra. You are able to take a video with all cameras if you want to and you can even include yourself in the video.

In his video, Arun Maini, also known as Mr.Whostheboss on youtube, puts the Samsung’s S21 Ultra against Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max in a camera test to see which is better. Throughout the tests, there were parts in which the iPhone 12 beat the S21, and parts in which the S21 beat the iPhone, but his ultimate decision was that ““The Samsung camera is better, it’s not only the more enjoyable camera to use, but it’s also the more versatile.” The S21 Ultra won the test since it has more versatility and ultimately has better dynamic range in the images that it has, not to mention, the S21 Ultra also has more features in the camera that outbeat the iPhone simplistic view of the camera module. 

Ultimate Features: 

Samsung is known for its versatility and ability to make they’re phones unique. With the amount of features that come in the phone, you can truly make that phone unique to you. “Samsung went ahead and added a pen functionality, which was exclusively for the Note brand.”, said Arun Maini. From the added pen, to the camera functions, there is much that one can do with the new samsung S21 Ultra. 

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