Quantum Computing: The Next Internet?

Living in 2020 means relying on the internet and various other technological devices to help us stay connected to the rest of the world. However, there’s a faster and more efficient way of communicating which can change the internet entirely as we know it, through Quantum Computing.

Regular computers work on a numerical binary system consisting of only 0s and 1s. The numbers are complex and the series results in the codes and functions to enable our computers. The 0s and 1s are bits, where 0 means the bit is off, and the 1 means on. This current system is vulnerable to hacking since it’s predictable and it’s the same obsolete system that was implemented decades ago. 

quantamQuantum Computing runs on an entirely different spectrum. It uses 0 and 1 bits, however, they can be on or off. The 0s can partially on, the 1’s can be 53% on, the combinations are endless with Quantum. The results are software that is essentially the most secure form of storing data. 

Beyond introducing the safest software system, Quantum Computing can drive the markets of health care, e-commerce, and financial services on a global scale. For banking, Quantum computers create their own encrypted keys that are impossible to replicate due to Quantum physics. Over 17 billion devices and accounts for financial services are used daily worldwide, and Quantum encryption can change security measures forever.

In the medical field, supercomputers are still lacking to produce the same molecules for drugs and other antibiotics. Using Quantum would make the duplicate products up to 100% more accurate since it’s on the same atomic scale of the molecule they want to replicate. 

Although the resources and technology for the Quantum World are not quite established, companies are investing time and money into Quantum since it can revolutionize and change the technological aspects of our lives as we know it.

Sakshi Gondkar

My name is Sakshi Gondkar and I live my life through experiencing new moments and learning about new cultures to help me strengthen my understanding on what is life. I am passionate about expressing this through my writing using photojournalism and incorporating creative and opinionated writing.