How Technology Could Change Border Security

Many people in the United States can seem to understand that a physical wall would be a highly ineffective way to improve border security. However, President Donald Trump does not seem to understand this and is adamant that he will build the wall. Throughout his presidency, he has continuously claimed that Democrats do not want to improve border security but that is completely untrue. In fact, speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, insists upon using technology to improve border security. Using technology to secure the border would be far more effective than building a wall that costs 5 billion dollars.

When asked about the wall, Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar said, “Instead of a wall, we should increase the use of modern technology, including cameras, fixed towers and aerial and underground sensors. Violent drug cartels are using more modern technology to breach our border than we are using to secure it. We can’t double down on a 14th century solution to a 21st century challenge if we want a viable long-term solution.”

Aerial and underground sensors can help to tackle drug cartels from entering. Sensors can also be used to detect possible underground tunnels and stop them from being built. Scanning technology can be used to thoroughly inspect vehicles that enter through the border. Increasing the use of underwater imaging can prevent smuggling from occurring. Undocumented immigrants from Mexico usually legally enter the country on a visa but stay after the limit. Keeping a more comprehensive data using technology would combat this issue. Additionally, implementing the fairly new biometric entry-exit system at the border would make screening far more effective for both people entering or leaving the United States.

Rosana Rampersaud, a senior at Thomas A. Edison High School said, “Besides a wall, there are definitely other means to increase border security. I feel that technology including cameras/surveillance and drones can play a big role. With increased watch such as cameras and drones, we are able to keep a closer eye on the country. Along with technology, checkpoints and security measures can be inflicted to ensure safety. If security and border patrol can check people correctly for weapons and citizenship, the country will be in better hands.”

A physical wall can not stop people from across the border to climb it or dig underneath it. Wasting billions of dollars on the wall would only result in an upsetting outcome.Additionally, it is also important to maintain a diplomatic relationship with Mexico in order to ensure safer border security on both sides. President Trump can not force Mexico to pay for a wall they did not agree on and doing so would only worsen diplomatic relations. Using new technology would be the most efficient way to ensure border security.

Parsha Zaman

Hi, my name is Parsha and I write for the tech section. I am currently a senior in the Web Design program. I’ve always been intrigued by how technology works and I want to become a software engineer because of my interest in tech. I hope I can share fascinating tech-related info with you as the school year goes on.