Computer Science Careers

STEM fields have been constantly encouraged, especially computer science which is currently one of the most in demand and highest paying majors. Whether you are a freshman or a graduating senior, high school is where many students begin to start thinking of college majors, but remain unsure of future occupations. Computer science majors offers a variety of careers which may be an interest to any looking into the major or specific technical job fields.


A screenshot of a C++ computer science learning application .

A screenshot of a C++ computer science learning application .

One occupation includes cyber-security analysts. This career path focuses on installing software and taking security measures to ensure the safety of a company’s network. “My major is Computer Science with a focus on cybersecurity. I plan to work in a hospital as a Cyber-security Analyst. Having prior experience working in a hospital as an office secretary, as well as liking the hospital environment influenced my decision to pursue a career in the IT field,” said Sarah Rasheed, a graduating senior.


In addition to this field there are others such as software developers, computer engineers, computer programmers, web page developers, and network administrators. Software developers have the ability to create applications for different usages or programs that control how a network functions. Computer engineers develop, create, and test computer components to allow for further advancement. Programmers use varied codes to create software programs, which is similar to web developers who use varied code to design and create web pages. In addition, network administrators make sure that a network is running smoothly and securely.

When deciding on a major, your chosen minor and elective classes can play a huge role in the career you are aiming to achieve too. However, in some cases it may not. For example, with an art background and computer science major it is possible to be a video game designer and programmer or with a business background one could become a business intelligence analyst. Nonetheless, these options are available to computer science majors despite the background experience which can serve as extra preparation.


With the growing amount of technological advances the need for STEM related degrees are growing. While computer science majors are STEM related, occupations that require this degree also range in need of additional skills that may be of interest to some, such as art, business, math, and more.

Nila Singh

Hi, my name is Nila Singh but most refer to me as Davie. Throughout my 4 years in high school I have been enrolled in Cisco Computer Networking. I love exploring, reading, art, and of course technology. I hope to one day be a video game designer so that I can make stories come to life.