Can’t Find Your Bag? AirTag It!

On April 20th, Apple had an event. With the addition of a new color for the iPhone 12, improvement to the iPads, and the new iMacs, the AirTag was shown. With a simple yet possibly effective system of sending a bluetooth signal to your iPhone, you can easily find whatever you tagged, whether it was a backpack or a wallet. But is it worth it? 

How does it work?

The Apple AirTag works by sending a secure bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices in the Find My network. The AirTag sends its location through the iCloud which can then be found with your phone. The tag also has a built in speaker that helps you find it if it’s under a couch or in the room next door. If the Tag is nearby, you can use Precision Finding to know the exact distance and direction the Tag is in. Precision Finding is only compatible with iPhones 11 and up. The whole process of finding your AirTag is anonymous and encrypted so you don’t have to worry about privacy. All of this and more can be found on the Apple/airtag webpage. 

What’s it like IRL?

Right off the box, “the Apple Airtag is very minimalistic, and it doesn’t even come with an Apple sticker,” as stated by Marques Brownlee, a well known tech reviewer on YouTube. Once having the Airtag close to an iPhone, it will immediately show you a message to pair them up. The Airtag is also water resistant so you can rest assured that it is fine if you accidentally drop it in the pool. The battery is able to last about a year and the battery is replaceable so there is no need to worry about recharging. Add it with a loop or a tag and you’ll be able to tag your bag or your keys to always know where they are at. With the Precision Finding feature, it is most effective when in the 30 feet range, but once you are following it, it shouldn’t be hard to find. The AirTag is also able to produce a sound with the built in speaker if you lose it nearby. 

What about Stalkers?

A question that is raised is if it is possible to be tracked by somebody who drops their tag in your bag. 

If an AirTag is away from their owner and with you for more than three days, then your phone will alert you, showing you a screen that shows there is an “AirTag moving with you.”. You can play a sound to find where it is, once finding it, you can disable it and it should stop sharing its location. nearby, that way you’ll be safe from being tracked and it can help you find your stuff faster by having others be alerted. 

Is it worth buying?

If you are a student who is constantly losing things such as a backpack, wallet, purse, headphones, or keys, buying a $30 Apple AirTag might seem worth buying to know where you left your things. This device is great if you are a college student who is in constant movement and at most risk losing things. Since the AirTag will be connected to the Apple Ecosystem, it should be easy to work with and find. But to someone who doesn’t constantly lose things, then the AirTag will probably not be for you. 

Steven Hernandez

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