Audiobooksync is Back!

Courtesy of our wonderful Edison Librarians!

A new year of audiobooks opened Thursday, May 5, 2016 with an even better list of free, downloadable, MP3 files of favorite books and stories, both old and new. The program runs through August 17th.  While it is aimed at teens, educators and parents are welcome to enjoy the program, too.

The basics:
·Visit from May 5 to August 17
·Select one or both of the audiobooks being featured.
·Sign up for alerts for the next titles.
·The files you download are yours to keep.
·They may be loaded on any device, including your phone.
·To begin the season, download Overdrive first.
·Build your personal library, download files each week to a larger device, such as a laptop, and transfer individual works over to your device when you are ready to listen.
·Files are yours to keep. Downloads are only offered for 7 days. Each Thursday, the books will change.

For more details, please contact your school library.
Have a great Audiobooksync summer!