An Apple A Day

Apple, a technology company based in Cupertino, California, is known for its lineup of phones and computers that consumers can’t stop buying. 

When the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, there was a goal. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, wanted to revolutionize the technology industry. As the years progressed, more devices came out such as the Apple Watch, Macbook Pro/Air, and Airpods.

Every iteration of these products would be improved from the last and often shipped with new features the previous generation lacked. People generally buy Apple products for two reasons: design/simplicity and connectivity.

Apple’s iPhone 12 is an immaculate product with flaws. It’s boxy, sleek composition draws in the buyer. It has a minimalistic take, yet, the effort that went into creating its design is shown. Without a doubt, the Iphone 12 lacks what other phones already have.

According to, the Samsung S20 has a notchless display and even features a 120hz display for smoother scrolling. According to, the iPhone design is so impactful because it looks like it was made from high quality materials. The iPhone 12 is shipped with a stainless steel design with a textured matte glass back and ceramic shield front according to

Consumers may buy Apple products for their design but they also enjoy the features that come with it.  “The design is sleek,” said Kathy Surujpaul, a college student who owns an Iphone 11. “I like the Face ID feature.”

When a person buys a new Apple product, they’re introduced to a new environment called The Apple Ecosystem.

Apple’s Ecosystem is the interconnectivity between multiple Apple devices. It’s one of the features that draw in a consumer to buy two or more products from the lineup. If a user receives a text message on their iPhone, they can also receive and respond to that message on a Macbook. Using a feature called Airdrop, a person can send a photo from the Macbook to an iPhone with just one click.

What’s the problem with this? This often locks in the user into sticking with Apple. Consumers cannot configure their Macbook with an Android device to receive messages and emails. In other words, if it’s not an Apple product it will not work. However, many users are willing to give up that. According to Business Insider,

Apple devices “work so well with one another with little bits and features like AirDrop, iMessage, and FaceTime on macOS; unlocking a Mac laptop with an Apple Watch; or auto-pairing and finding lost AirPods.”  

“I like the connectivity and how seamless everything is,” said Hector Galvan, another college student who owns an Iphone XS and a Macbook Pro. The Ecosystem is a way for users to get the most out of their Apple products.

Apple is a technology company known for it’s beautiful lineup. They offer unique compositions that allow them to stand out from other phones. But in the end, it’s ultimately up to the consumer on whether or not they want to go with Apple. With the ecosystem, design, and modern hardware/software, it’s no surprise that many consumers take the Apple route. 

Joshua Surujpaul

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