10 Must-Have Tech Gadgets Under $50!

Gift-giving, to some, can be a daunting task that causes stress and anxiety. The solution to this problem is tech gadgets under $50! Tech gadgets make an amazing gift for any occasion. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or even just for yourself, these gadgets will blow your mind. 

People often avoid tech gadgets as gifts because of their high price point, but these finds will be sure to give your pockets a break. As we are all amid a pandemic saving money while making someone happy with an awesome gift can help bring everyone’s stress levels down. 

Mrs. Raquel Nelson, educator at our school is a shopper who sometimes has trouble finding the right gift for someone. “For me the hardest thing about buying someone a gift is getting them something that they will actually use or something that they have been wanting but haven’t bought for themselves. Gift giving to me is very personal. When I give someone a gift I want them to know that I was thinking just about them when I picked the gift out and that I know them well enough to get them something they will actually enjoy. Giving the right gift shows someone that you value your relationship with them and that you care enough about them to show it with something tailored specifically for them.” said Nelson.

As it is for many, gift-giving is very important to Mrs. Nelson; she claims that the gifts you give show how much a person values your relationship. I agree with her, gifts should reflect the amount of care and thoughtfulness you have towards a person and your relationship with them. 

Mr. Elvyn Perez is a computer networking teacher at our school, he is very knowledgeable in the tech field so I thought his opinion would be interesting. He values buying a gift that he knows someone will use in their lives. The most difficult part of the process for Mr. Perez is being under pressure to deliver on something that a person will find useful. He said, “Personally the hardest thing about getting someone a gift is whether it will be fulfilled as a use by the person I am giving it to. I want them to think of me every time they use the gift. The usability of the gift will impact the personal thought the person has about me and our relationship. I think that pressure impacts my selection process.”

To help ease some of the stress that gift-giving brings, I’ve curated a list of ten budget-friendly tech gadgets that would be perfect for any loved one. Your wallet will thank you! 

  1. Amazon Echo Auto- $49.99

The Amazon Echo Auto brings your favorite virtual assistant to the car. It plugs into your car’s 12-volt outlet or USB port if you have one. It then connects to your phone’s Alexa app and grants hands-free access to music streaming, sports, news, recipes, radio, and much more just by saying “Alexa.” The device is extremely easy to install and use and it includes multiple microphones so it’s not hard to trigger. Amazon enhances the safety of any car because it takes away the need to touch your phone while driving. Using your phone while driving is extremely dangerous and to prevent that, The Echo Auto is a great gift for anyone on the road. Some downsides to this gadget including using your phone’s data and occasionally losing connection to the phone while testing. However, for $49.99, this device is a great gift for someone who drives and needs their hands off of their phone. 

Mrs. Nelson is a big fan of Amazon’s Echo Auto. She said, “ I am a big advocate for limiting distractions while driving. My friends and family all know I get pissed if they look at their phone while driving, even if it is just to change the music. So hands-free music just makes sense. Plus the price isn’t as high as I would have expected.” 

You can never be safe enough on the road; the Amazon Echo Auto adds a level of safety that allows you to not be distracted by your phone. Mrs. Nelson emphasized just how vital it is to not be on your phone when driving. With the Echo Auto, all you need to do is say, “Alexa”. 

  1. Tile Pro- $35.00

The Tile Pro is the perfect device for someone who constantly misplaces their valuable items. It’s a slim, stylish, and waterproof tracking device that can keep tabs on anything that constantly goes missing. Mrs. Nelson appreciates the Tile Pro for its practicality and usefulness. She said, “ I find the Tile Pro to be such a practical and useful tool. I had a friend give me the older model a few years ago because I was always misplacing my keys at work. That little gadget saved me so much frustration and aggravation and I know many people like myself, who are always being pulled in a million different directions. Sometimes you misplace something and your brain is so congested with thought traffic that you can’t even focus on where you are let alone where you were when you last had your keys.” 

If you frequently find yourself arriving late to places because you can’t find your keys, know that you are not alone. The Tile Pro is a must-have, it’s sleek and can track your items on a mobile app that they offer. The Tile can track your devices up to 300 feet before losing connection to the app. 

  1. Rocketbook Smart Notebook- $30.00

The Rocketbook Smart Notebook is a reusable, inexpensive, and smart notebook that allows you to save all your notes and drawings onto a phone The notebook is available in two sizes: Standard and Executive. Standard measures 8.5 by 9.5 inches and the Executive is slightly smaller at 6.0 by 8.9 inches. Both versions have 80 pages and come with a Pilot FriXion pen, which is the only pen you can use if you want to be able to erase your notes. 

The setup of this book is very simple. All you have to do is download the Rocketbook app from your mobile device’s app store. The app launches your camera and you’ll see boxes on the page that represent destinations for your file. These include Box, Dropbox, Email, Evernote, Google Drive, and iCloud. Simply check off the boxes and your file will appear in the desired location. When all 30 pages are filled up you can microwave the book for two minutes and all the ink will disappear and you’ll have a brand new book to write notes and store your files. 

This notebook is perfect for students, it will keep all your notes organized on your phone which just about everyone uses. Retailing at $30, this book will put a smile on anyone’s face due to its amazing features and usability. 

  1. Wyze Cam Pan- $49.00

The Wyze Cam Pan is the perfect gift for someone who needs security or is into camera surveillance. For $49, It is an affordable indoor security camera loaded with features including mechanical pan and tilt, Alexa, motion tracking, and free cloud storage for all the footage. 

The camera itself is 5 inches by 2.2 inches by 2.2 inches. It has a motorized base and can provide a 360-degree pan range and 93-degree vertical tilt range. On the base of the camera are a microSD card slot, a setup button, a USB power port, and a microphone. It comes with a six-foot USB power cable, a USB power adapter, and a quick start guide.

You can see everything your camera sees through the very simple and easy-to-use Wyze application from your device’s app store. Once you download the app, it opens to a device screen that displays all installed Wyze cameras with a still of each camera’s last captured image. At the bottom of this screen are tabs for Devices, Notifications, and My Account, and in the top right corner is a plus icon for adding new cameras. The Notifications tab displays a history of all sound, motion, smoke, and CO alerts, with thumbnails of the associated video.

  1. Elecjet PowerPie Power Bank- $49.99

This power bank would be a great addition to anyone’s daily life. During this pandemic, we’re on our mobile devices more than ever before. I constantly find myself running out of power when I need it the most. The Elecjet PowerPie Power Bank is a 20,000 mAh battery that comes with ultra-fast charging for all your USB-C devices. 

The power bank retails for $49 on Amazon and it is a steal for the amount of power it can provide. It fully charges in 2.5 hours and can completely charge a Macbook laptop or a Galaxy Note. No matter what device you have this gadget has enough power to fuel your screen time. 

  1. Pure Enrichment Pure Relief Heating Pad- $34.99 

This heating pad will change the way your body feels after a long day of exhaustion on your body. Especially for people who play sports, heat therapy can be essential to the recovery process. It sells for $35 and comes in an XL size along with 6 different heat settings. The levels range from warm to high to fit your comfort level. 

Mr. Perez is an athlete and appreciates the benefits the Pure Enrichment Heating Pad brings. He said, “I personally would purchase the heating pad. I am an athlete and I need to rejuvenate my muscles after a good workout or playing a sport. Heat therapy helps the recovery process.” 

Not only does it work well for athletes but it’s also great for body aches and cramps. It may also pair well with a good night’s rest for those who enjoy having a bit of extra heat for bedtime. 

  1. Doss Soundbox Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker- $27.99

This little Bluetooth speaker will be sure to fill any room with a crisp sound that everyone will enjoy. It’s Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, enjoy wireless and seamless music up to 33 feet. Also, you can play music with a supplied Line-In cable and Micro SD card. The speaker can play for 20 hours on a full battery charge. 

Mrs. Nelson is very bullish about the Bluetooth speaker, it was one of her favorite products. “I chose the Bluetooth speaker because it is always a great gift. At the beach and want some tunes? Hanging with friends and want an instant dance party? Want something to sing along to while in the shower? A portable wireless speaker makes perfect sense! Just don’t actually take it in the shower with you,” said Nelson. 

She makes a good point as this speaker isn’t waterproof so be careful with it near wet surfaces. However, overall this speaker is a great deal for only $28. 

  1. Roku Premier- $40.00

At just $40, the Roku Premiere is the most affordable 4K-capable media streamer out there, if you don’t mind dealing with a line-of-sight infrared remote. It’s the least expensive 4k streaming device on the market which makes it a great buy. 

The device itself is a small black plastic box measuring 0.7 by 3.4 by 1.4 inches (HWD), with a glossy black front hiding an infrared sensor. The back holds an HDMI port, a micro USB port for power with the included USB cable and wall adapter, and a pinhole reset button. 

Roku has built up one of the biggest libraries of streaming services and apps, which means you’ll find what you want to watch or listen to on the Premiere with few exceptions. All the big-name streaming services such as Amazon Video, Google Play Movies & TV, Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, and YouTube, are all on the Roku Premiere. The Roku eliminates the need for basic cable TV, it provides an all-in-one streaming console that can provide everything you could need. 

  1. The Super Scrubber- $29.00

We all know that one person that is obsessed with cleaning and doing it so often takes a toll on the body. Cleaning is not at all the easiest thing to do and it can make your hands and body very sore. That’s where the super scrubber comes in handy. The device works in a spinning motion to clean grime off of surfaces. It comes with five different brush heads to suit different cleaning situations. However, be careful with giving this gift, Mrs. Nelson says that she would see it as an insult.

She said, “As for the scrubber that tool seems amazing and I would love to buy it… for myself. If someone gave me that gift I would be instantly offended. Are you trying to say I need to clean my house? For this reason, I would not give it as a gift.” 

Although it may not be the best gift to give, it’s a very useful product for everyday cleaning purposes, and it sells for only $29. 

  1. LectroFan White Noise Machine- $45.00

This device is perfect for those who have trouble sleeping. It’s a white noise machine with 20 unique sounds. The LectroFan White Noise Machine provides ten fan sounds and ten ambient noise variations, including white noise, pink noise, and brown noise. It helps block disruptive environmental noises so you or your little one can fall asleep with ease. Its Safe, solid-state design is powered by AC or USB and dynamically creates unique, non-repeating sounds without moving parts along with precise volume control to allow you to set the perfect level for your unique environment. 

Mr. Perez pointed out why he would stay away from this gadget, he said, “I would stay away from the white noise machine as I enjoy listening to music as I work or relax. There are different types of music for every mood I may be in.” He has a valid point here, people find their way to wind down and relax. 


In conclusion, any one of these gadgets would be sure to put a smile on someone’s face. Gift giving may be a difficult task, but when you can find a great deal on amazing technology it’s a huge win. I hope that my curation of tech gadgets under $50 will help you find a great gift for an even better price, happy gifting! 

Tameesh Girdharri

My name is Tameesh Girdharri, and I write for the technology department of The Edison Light. I am hard-working and very goal oriented, I enjoy competitive activities that push my capabilities. I also am a big fan of technology and I’m constantly amazed by the rapid innovations being made to it. I’d describe myself as organized, detail oriented, and determined. Our world today revolves around technology and it is extraordinary to think of all the incredible things that technology can benefit the world with.