Woman Make History in Super Bowl LV

In this year’s Super bowl, Maral Javadifar may have a chance to make history.

As an  assistant coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, she was the first woman to win a Super Bowl ring as a coach. In the following years we have seen more women involved in sports. This is following last year’s Super Bowl where the first woman had been a coach in the Super Bowl.

Maral Javadifar is working in her second year as an assistant strength and conditioning coach. Her job is vital for keeping every player on the roster in peak condition and also helps avoid injury. Her impact on the team is clear since the Buccaneers will be entering the super bowl with no notable injuries.

“Women are just as capable of making decisions on the fields and courts just as quickly as men can,” said Ms. Renita Jackson.  “Women are great thinkers and strong leaders, so it makes sense to create more programs to attract women into the field of sports as well as those that want to provide.”

An achievement like winning this super bowl may open the doors for more women to be involved in sports. Many stereotypes in society have prevented situations like this. Especially in football which is viewed as a “man’s sport.”

“People need to stop stereotyping one another and using biased opinions based on gender,” said Ms. Loscalzo. “ If we picked the right person for the job, not just a man because they have to know more about football because they are male, then I think more women would feel compelled to seek out jobs in this field. In the past, a woman would have never been given the opportunity to be involved with these types of sports so I feel we are behind the times but grateful that this is finally being accepted as a career path for a woman.”

Jordan Grant

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