Why The Fitness Class?

Edison’s physical education classes consist of a wide variety of class choices including polar bear, mixed sports, extreme aerobics, dance and fitness. Over the years, there has been a question as to
why some students have been requesting to take the Fitness class over the other choices available. One would never find an empty fitness class compared to an aerobics or sports class. Are gym memberships too much money? Is it an easy class grade? Lots of students have their own opinions on this matter.

“The competitions that go on in certain teachers fitness classes helps us become healthier and more competitive students. I love that Mr. Craan pushes us to work hard and go that extra mile to do good when it comes to the fitness class. As a girl, I feel comfortable and almost equal with the guys in the class because we all work hard together. When you work hard in the fitness class, you just earn more respect and everyone wants to join year after year.” Sasha Persaud said.
“It’s simple. My classes have RIGOR & the students gain from my classes. The bottom line is: students see their progressive results. Then, the students follow MASTER CRAAN’S WORKOUT PROGRAM. Plus I reward them with MEDALS, CERTIFICATES, & RECOMMENDATIONS.” Mr. Craan said.

“There’s something about free gym equipment that catches everyone’s eyes! We hear weightlifting and we go crazy. Who doesn’t want to build muscle and look fit!?” Garcia said.
“It’s an easy class if you go there and work out like you’re supposed to. I have back to back hundreds in that class for two years now, all because I do the work and I enjoy it. I know many kids including me, that work in groups and create plans for the semester to get fit. It works out well, and the best part is, we don’t have to go pay for a gym membership to use the machines. We get it all for free in school! That’s why we love it!” Seepersad said.

Given all the responses from the various students that taken the fitness class and are currently enrolled in it, it seems that most people are drawn by the idea of free gym equipment and actual workout time during the school day. The fitness teachers definitely seem to vary from easy going to full on trainers who want each and every student to work hard and get results.